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WAIT… I knew bts was covering a song by seo taiji, but I didn’t know that the song was COME BACK HOME!?? That song is so important cause it’s about runaway kids, based on taiji’s own personal experience, since he ran away from home when he was younger, and I read that it had such a GREAT effect on youth when it was released, that the runaway kids in the country decided to come back home after listening to the song. So bts covering this song of all songs is so important cause they have written multiple times about topics such as social issues and the fact that seo taiji, an iconic artist, had seen that and decided to ask bts to cover one of his most legendary songs means just so much to me?)


I thought knowing both songs would make it easier to learn on guitar. It doesn’t.

Untitled, 2014

To come back to me
I know it’s hard and hard
Now, the more I get hurt
I know I’m scared and I hate it
On the day you left
It sounds like you’re in big trouble
I regret to turn around and I’m sorry

Please just once
If I can see you
It’s okay to lose all my stuff
Meet you in a dream
To love again
As we are

Rather than forgive you
It may be easier to die
I’ll sing this song
Maybe I’ll be right
I want you to be happy
I can’t even tell a common lie
I’m sorry I’m just coming back

Please just once
If I can see you
It’s okay to lose all my stuff
Meet you in a dream
To love again
As we are

Now it’s the end
I can’t believe your heart
I cannot let go
Cuz you never know
I am like you
There is no such love again
Nobody knows
We always know

Please just once
If I can see you
It’s okay to lose all my stuff
Meet you in a dream
To love again

Now this time is past
If you can forget everything
Memories that I was happy
No, I want you in the next life
I love to meet again
As before

re-edit: i found a better translation (for me) here do check it out, you’ll fall in love even more with this song

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For the AU meme, instead of going back to Asgard at the end of TDW, Loki heads out into the Cosmic Universe. And somehow becomes weird friends with Nebula.

this is a concept that I love in so many ways. thank you, anon. (note that I have not yet seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 so I don’t know anything about what canon says Nebula’s been doing since falling into space in 2014.)

  • okay so, Loki comes back to life on Svartalfheim, looks at Thor beating up Malekith on Midgard and then over at Asgard and is like “so, uh, fuck this” and takes off because okay he is just done with this shit, if he goes back eventually Thor will turn up and ruin everything, that’s what he does, and if he goes to Thor he’ll just end up back in prison, so, yeah, not happening. SPACE IT IS.
  • meanwhile, Nebula has been skulking around in dark corners trying to figure out what she’s going to do, because she’s kind of screwed - she pissed off Thanos, she has basically zero allies and doesn’t really know how to make them, and at least for the moment she seems to be fine because apparently nobody cares enough (which, doesn’t that just figure) to come hunting her. 
  • so at some point they cross paths, probably on Knowhere because that’s where everyone ends up eventually in the Cosmic Marvel Universe (or at least, everyone wandering around who doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing) and Loki and Nebula at basically the same time are like “YOU”
  • and Loki figures that Thanos has sent Nebula after him, and Nebula figures that Loki might turn her into Thanos to get back in his good graces, and it’s fight time. or at least it would be fight time except a third party spots both of them and is like “YOU!!!” because they’re both probably to some extent wanted criminals.
  • contingency alliance ensues! and once they get a little bit of space Nebula’s like “if you think you’re going to drag me back to Thanos then you need to think again” and Loki’s like “wait, what”
  • thus ensues the most awkward roadtrip ever of two directionless, prickly, temperamental and traumatized weirdos. also a lot of bitching about older siblings who can do no wrong and daddy issues. though Nebula’s really got the worse end of the deal on that one, by, like, a long shot.
  • maybe they are Infinity Stone hunting. I could see these two teaming up over revenge and becoming revenge buddies. that seems about right for them.
  • for, like, the first month they end up almost killing each other about once a week.

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If 2 CT is come the true I will burn all my Kuroshitsuji comics and gave up this series. 😒 I really dont want it.

IF the 2CT is true, it means that Yana has prepared this plot twist thoroughly starting from vol.1 and has constantly shown us hints and foreshadowings throughout the story (and btw, it’s not Yana’s fault that some of the verbal hints weren’t conveyed properly in the English translations). The twin plot definitely isn’t something random she came up with just recently. I’d like you to acknowledge that, at least :D 

That said, if this kind of plot twist isn’t your cup of tea, then go ahead, burn the comics and find another manga series that matches your taste better. It’s sad to lose a fellow Kuro fan, but it can’t be helped, people just come and go, I guess. I for one once dropped Kuroshitsuji back in 2008 because I didn’t like the Curry arc (which, surprisingly, has become one of my favourite arcs now), but came back in 2014. So maybe you’ll come back someday, too :)

If you’re in the figure skating world, I suppose you heard it already, but if you don’t well hear it goes: Mao Asada announced her retirement today. When I first heard about it (when Johhny Weir posted a pic on his instagram), I thought ‘No this can’t be happening. Not now’ - not because it was sudden (after Sochi, and 2014 she never could come back at her top form, and the injuries didn’t help either) but because after Misha Ge (whom retirement, was sudden, especially before the Olympics, but completely understandable) I didn’t want another of my favourites to disappear. Because Mao was one of the first figure skaters, whom skating I fell in love with. One of my greatest regrets is that I couldn’t see her at her best, because I didn’t watch figure skating back then. I’m really sorry, that she never could have the Olympic gold medal, what she wanted and deserved, but if she thinks, that this is the best decision right now, I’m ok with it. I just hope, that she is happy.
So Mao-chan - what could I say. The Japanese prodigy, the girl who jumped a triple Axel at an age, when no one could, the women who made history, and skated her way into our hearts - thank you. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration, you gave for so many others. And that you could make me love this beautiful sport. I hope, that you are going to find a new dream, a motivation again, and I will hear about you soon.
Never forget how to smile,
A fan

I miss 2014 Taylor

Remember when the world used to be a good place, when Trump wasn’t on our screens 24/7 and when Taylor was more genuine and less forced? I do, and do you know what mostly characterized this year?
• Flirty, confident and dorky Taylor (I think we still have it but way less)
• Less sm likes that caused WWIII
• A goddamn good haircut
• Happy Taylor, REALLY HAPPY
.. and strictly connected to the last one..
That was a glorious year, full of wise words too.
Never forget when she said that love was interesting to her as a writer and not as a young woman because she was really happy and very protective of her independence.
Or when she said that her next relationship would’ve been more private.
Or when she talked about gay marriage and how it’s not a big deal who you love.

You still there? Well remember always that her 2014 is full of hints, like take her cover of ‘Riptide’, look at her smile and tell me if she’s not thinking about a special person. But who’s this? She knows places, sure she does, she’s a master at it.
She’s also very PROTECTIVE and I’m certain that she’s still doing that but I really miss her.
I feel disconnected, especially this year and I hope that someday, somehow and with someone that we already know she’ll come back just like two years ago, or close enough.

Okay, we’ve done the iPhone selfies. Now let’s get some better stuff queued up here.

Loghain Mac Tir in the River Dane armour set. Emerald City Comic Con 2014.

A hundred million thanks to tanuki-green for this shot. I still can’t get over it.

Had a great shoot with azimedes yesterday afternoon and those photos will be coming anon.

God, this was such a brilliant Con…

For more details on this particular costume: Facebook.com/teadrunktailor

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hiiiii, I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you how nice it is ??? everything is so organized and you tag everything... I'm actually really new to the lotr fandom (just started college and I finally had time to watch the movies and read the books) and your blog is one of the nicest that I've seen so far.

omg thank you so much for this message!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I hope you’ve had lots of fun w the books and movies, and welcome to the fandom :)