2014 come back

I miss 2014 Taylor

Remember when the world used to be a good place, when Trump wasn’t on our screens 24/7 and when Taylor was more genuine and less forced? I do, and do you know what mostly characterized this year?
• Flirty, confident and dorky Taylor (I think we still have it but way less)
• Less sm likes that caused WWIII
• A goddamn good haircut
• Happy Taylor, REALLY HAPPY
.. and strictly connected to the last one..
That was a glorious year, full of wise words too.
Never forget when she said that love was interesting to her as a writer and not as a young woman because she was really happy and very protective of her independence.
Or when she said that her next relationship would’ve been more private.
Or when she talked about gay marriage and how it’s not a big deal who you love.

You still there? Well remember always that her 2014 is full of hints, like take her cover of ‘Riptide’, look at her smile and tell me if she’s not thinking about a special person. But who’s this? She knows places, sure she does, she’s a master at it.
She’s also very PROTECTIVE and I’m certain that she’s still doing that but I really miss her.
I feel disconnected, especially this year and I hope that someday, somehow and with someone that we already know she’ll come back just like two years ago, or close enough.


I’m fucking crying. Can we just talk about this performance for a minute? How the anger and hurt is just pouring out of these girls because they were forced to perform without their sister? The raw emotions in this just fucks me up everytime. You don’t even have to be a Blackjack to know that there is raw, real emotions on this stage because of Bom’s absence. You feel it when you see Dara wearing Bom’s jacket. You feel it when CL shouts out Bom’s favorite songs from the Crush album. You feel it when you see the look of PURE ANGER AND HURT on each of these girls’ faces. You feel it when CL shouts out “4EVER” and just glares at everyone in the audience. But you especially feel it when they leave a place open for Bom in their final standing pose. 

“I would like in future for them to be reunited at some point, because I think they’d be a pretty awesome, like power couple in the future, like the new Brangelina.” - Sophie Turner (Comic-Con - 2014)

“Tyrion will come back to Westeros and realize that Sansa is the bomb, and take her side… on everything. And they´ll get married again and it´ll be a wonderful marriage.” - Sophie Turner (ABC Cultura - 2016)


“I hear that summer’s coming back
So I stretch out my back and travel along
The winter though it darkens me
It is pure and clean and all I want”

I am so here for Taylor being super gay right now. Like, 2014 is coming back to me and I am LIVING. She’s going out and about with Karlie again, they’re going MIA together, she’s singing all the gay songs and keeping the pronouns, she dressed up as a known queer character for Halloween and TS6 is on its way and is predicted to be the gayest of them all. What a time to be alive.