2014 campaigns


Sasha Pivovarova & Andreea Diaconu

Chloé Fall Winter 2014

“Don’t look back.”

On a gravel road in a deserted landscape, two girls make their escape. 
In a spontaneous moment, they seize their chance to run.
All roads lead to adventure.

Lensed by Inez & Vinoodh

Latest Updates on the TWEWY2 Situation

Since the only thing I actually really do on this website is insistently and beyond human capacity for sanity continue to push that TWEWY2 is a thing that will happen, I figure I should probably make sure this news that TWEWY2 is probably a thing that will happen makes it over here.

This comes from a decently verified leaker Jose Álamo through their decently verified source within Square Enix, neither personally verified by me but I’m aware of the legitimacy of said leaker in the past.

“TWEWY2″/”New 7 Days” concept was established before or in 2014 (two years after Solo Remix revealed Hype-chan, and the year of the 7th Anniversary that we were sure something was going on at SE with all the push for TWEWY). This was a thing at this point in time that was planned to happen.

However in 2015, the project was scrapped by upper management (supposedly involving Yoichi Wada, though he had stepped down from his President role in 2013 so I’m not 100% on this) and the project as it was at the time was put away. The reason for this was that the game did not match up with the current market of time (it was a “handheld touch control game for experienced players”, from what we know, maybe SE wanted it more approachable to a very wide audience. Can only speculate on this point).

The timing of these points matches up with the TWEWY ARTNIA Campaign in 2014. You’ll remember if you’ve been around that long that literally everything about that promotion was suspiciously timed to line up with the 7th Anniversary, and it seemed beyond obvious that something was going to come out of that. We were all surprised when nothing really happened, but it was such a push for the brand that it still came off feeling positive.

Thinking about that, it feels likely that it was actually intended to lead up to news about TWEWY2 as we all suspected, but development issues and management held it back and turned it into nothing.

Anyway, the good news. This stuff came up because, already in this year, there are meeting happening to discuss the future of the TWEWY brand and it’s likely to turn out more positive this time. It might still be a ways away, but it may once again be a thing that exists. Probably they know the 10th Anniversary is the next good time window to do it in, so we’ll have to keep an eye out this year for more teases.

That’s all we have for now. As always, I encourage you all to KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE. Even with worse management back in the day at SE, the specific reasons behind the cancellation are concerning and they need to know this audience still exists.

Keep it up, Players.