2014 calendar


You guys keep asking for it, so here it is - the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2014!

This was originally inspired by the Charlie McDonnell video Don’t Break the Chain back in 2012, and it’s a pretty simple idea. Basically, for each calendar that you print out, choose one activity that you want to do every day (or every other day or once a week or whatever you want) and mark off on the calendar every day that you manage to complete it. Eventually, you’ll have such a long chain that you won’t want to skip a day and thus, break the chain.

Download the printable PDFs (this year in color!) in my new blog post. Happy New Year!

A Black Moon is a powerful astrological period. It is believed that during the period of a Black Moon any magickal works performed are more effective and more powerful.
It is a period when the elements and all the living beings are more influenced by the power of the New Moon.

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Natsume Yuujinchou 2014 calendar! :D

Finally got this one scanned as well, it didn’t give me as much trouble as the other calendar, but I still fought with it a lot! And you may notice some spots where things don’t quite align or that are a bit crooked, and for that I apologize. I had to scan each page in parts with a handheld scanner and stitch the images together with software. I tried to fix the errors as best as I could, but there are a few I couldn’t fix. So sorry! >_<


And most importantly - PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THESE SCANS TO OTHER SITES! If you like them, please click the little heart on this post, reblog, or download if you so wish, but please DO NOT re-upload them to other websites! I worked long and hard on these scans and would greatly appreciate it if you don’t do that. Thanks!