2014 annie

Ho sempre creduto nel destino, ma ho anche sempre creduto nelle mie scelte. Ho preso una decisione e ne pagherò le conseguenze.

Confession:  My love of musicals has officially invaded my love of Dragon age. I had a dream last night that was basically a musical Inquisition mission (several characters had musical numbers) to learn what happened to my female diplomatic!Hawke at Weisshaupt. There was even a duet at a crucial point between Hawke and Varric singing Who Am I from the 2014 Annie soundtrack.
I legit can’t decide if I should be concerned or proud of this…


Annie 2014 is getting a lot of backlash and criticism but the only thing that  really matters is little girls loved it and the clothing line is almost nonexistent(sold out) at Target……..speaks volumes


It’s a hard-knock life.

(“Kids in America,” made for silly_cleo, Festivids 2016)