2014 aa

Ultimate Warped Tour Guide (being prepared)

What to bring:

1. Draw string bag that’s not going to rip, and is light weight
-you’re going to need it to carry these items
2. Sun screen
- You’re going to fry without it. Make sure to share with others if they forgot
3. Water bottle
-Stay hydrated, they have water stations to refill your bottle
4. Money/Wallet
-You’ll be needing about $50, and up mainly because food/merch is pricey
5. Ticket
6. A snack (Fruit, crackers, normal stuff that won’t melt or be gross in heat.)
7. Sharpie
- To get things signed or to write something down
8. Zip Lock Bag
-Keeps important things dry, and safe
9. Sun glasses
10. Baby wipes/hand sanitizer is nice to have

What to wear:
1. Tank tops/t-shirts
2. Gym shorts
3. Jean shorts (warning: you might chafe)
4. Rompers
5. Vans, sneakers, Converse. Use a old pair because they’ll get wrecked at Warped
6. Light colors are a good idea, if you wear something dark you’ll be hotter

What NOT to wear:
1. Please do not wear jeans.
2. Dresses/Skirts (they’ll lift up most likely)
3. Flip flops/sandals/heels/ open toed shoes. You’ll get your foot broke.
4. You can wear Toms, but they will smell like death, and won’t protect your feet
5. Alright, bathing suit tops are debatable. If you do wear one double knot it so some ass hole can’t untie it

Getting Ready:
-Don’t go heavy on the make up, and if you do, make sure it’s water proof.
- If you have hair below the shoulders I recommend you putting it up for two reasons. One, it’ll keep you cooler, and two, it won’t be in yours or other people’s way. (Head bands are a great idea.)

Night Before:
- Bag packed
- Charge electronics
- Ticket inside bag
- Lay out clothes/shoes
- Double check plans of getting rides or if friends are going

Morning of:
- Double check your bag. Look for ticket, water, sunscreen, and money.
- Eat a breakfast that will keep you full, and won’t make you sick in the sun. Stay away from dairy products.
- Be pumped af
- Have fun



Endless list of favorite movies: Manam (2014)
Manushani srishtincha aa devude premanu ,manasunu srishtinchadu. Manushi prananiki parigithulu petina aa devudu, manasuku premaku yenthuku aa parigithalu petta leka poyedu? Anduke savulena prema pansukovalanu kosam sachi poyina manushini malli malli malli srishtichikune unnadu…

sometimes I don’t think new gym fans realize how awful the 2000 aa final was

based on 2014 worlds

imagine this: Simone vaults but the vault table was set wrong so she falls and the officials give her the chance to redo her vault but the damage is done and she falls 900 more times on other events. So then Larisa wins YAY except not rly because she took some cold medicine so her medal is taken away and then Kyla becomes 2014 aa champion