2014 aa

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anonymous asked:

Larisa, Catalina, Sandra


First impression - Great AAer, love the whip+triple
Impression now - If you could get back to your 2014 form I would love you
Favorite moment - 2014 Worlds AA
Unpopular opinion - She’s really messy on every event but vault


First impression - I don’t really remember because she’s been around for so long, but I remember being impressed that she did her turn+jump series right next to the OOB line in Athens. She’s a badass. Also she was SOOO rock solid in Athens.
Impression now - Glad she’s FINALLY working the code to her advantage. She’s always been talented but lately she hasn’t really adapted her routines to the current COP (like in 2016 especially). I’m excited to see what she can do this year with routines that better suit the COP!
Favorite moment - This is probably a weird answer but seeing her train that roundoff+3/2 twist on beam is one of the craziest things ive ever seen so I like that haha.
Unpopular opinion - Hmm i don’t think I have one. Um i think the back tuck after her full in during London EFs was hideous and she shouldn’t have done it? Idk if that’s unpopular.


First impression - Wow she looks tall af and triple twist beam dismounts are so easy for her
Impression now - COME BACK, we need your artistry on floor and I want to see you go for a 3.5 twist punch front bc you’re the queen of twisting connections
Favorite moment - 2008 fx ef
Unpopular opinion - Probably the most underwhelming vault champion of all time lmao