2014 02 24


CAKE PLATE: Happy birthday!
NARUKO: (holds a sign saying “Ya got punk’d!”)

AOYAGI: …… ←Is incredibly moved. Is feeling more emotional than he’s ever felt in his life
TESHIMA/NARUKO/ONODA: Wait, huh?! ←They’re not getting it
ONODA: (holds a sign saying “Surprise!”)


SENSEI’S BLOG: It’s the birthday of the reticent, hard worker, the other half of Team 2 that you know and love, Aoyagi-senpai!

He’s very emotional from the love he felt of those who prepared the surprise for him!


It appears that emotion didn’t get conveyed to the others (lol).

Aoyagi Hajime 2015

*Class size is an important determinant of student outcomes, and one that can be directly determined by policy. All else being equal, increasing class sizes will harm student outcomes.

* The evidence suggests that increasing class size will harm not only children’s test scores in the short run, but also their long-run human capital formation. Money saved today by increasing class sizes will result in more substantial social and educational costs in the future.

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1: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 投稿日:2014/11/01(土) 02:24:47.23 ID:V0xlJZcI (中) 火鉢に凝りすぎて一酸化炭素中毒になる

(二) 女に金銭管理を任せて全財産持ち逃げされる

(一) 彼女の誕生日に図書券をプレゼントし「親戚のおじさんみたい」と言われる

(三) ライブ中にメンバーにブチギレてマイクを投げつける

(左) クリスマスに彼女が大量のチキンを揚げたことに激怒し捨てる

(右) ハウンドドッグ大友にサインを求められ火をつけて返す

(遊) ライブ中の拍手を禁止、ファンに正座を強要

(捕) 彼女に振られ「俺はなにがいけなかったんだ」とメンバーに1日数十回電話する

(投) エレカシ結成の日に真冬のお台場でみんなで乾布摩擦を決行する