2014 02 21

Marvel Asks for Patience as Controversial Captain America Story Nears End
"We politely ask you to allow the story to unfold before coming to any conclusion," the company is telling upset readers.

What’s unusual about this statement isn’t just that it comes a day before the release of Secret Empire No. 1 (actually the series’ second issue — it launched with No. 0 last month), but that it feels at odds with the story as written to date. Under the current version of Steve Rogers’ history, his “core values” were instilled by Hydra since childhood, leading him to collaborate with the Nazis and sabotage the Allies’ efforts in World War II; in terms of Secret Empire itself, he’s plotted and executed a Hydra takeover of the United States that has left many he pretended to be friends with for dead, not to mention actively trying to murder others to further the Hydra cause. Why didn’t his “heart and soul” kick in during any of these previous events…?

Perhaps that is reason enough to keep reading Secret Empire: to discover what is more morally repugnant to a brainwashed Captain America than working to ensure a fascist takeover of the world on two separate occasions.

I love that Marvel has hit a point where it needed to release a statement about this. And that even the Hollywood Reporter isn’t buying into their shit.

anonymous asked:

JAMAICA PROOF?? I know we can't completely believe sources like this, but its interesting that this older woman in the comments, T Blair, (I feel like she is actually an older woman and not just a fan in disguise based on her wording) saw them. I mean we must take everything with a grain of salt, but ahhh it works with our canon! www(.)bohomoth(.)com/2014/02/21/harry-styles-and-his-man-bun-celebrate-a-milestone/

(x) Huh well isn’t that interesting. (Also I think T Blair is a man, not a woman.) It’s curious for sure and while yes, salt should always be taken but I’m not disregarding it either.

t blair says:

February 22, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Saw him with the other one in Jamaica at beginning of the month. Holiday in the sun for two close friends… very close. But there were 2 older straight couples there too and some kids. Maybe family?

Hedge says:

February 24, 2014 at 6:04 pm

Can you elaborate a little on this? You saying he was with his bandmate louis tomlinson? At airport or you see them in a resort? Thanks .

t blair says:

February 24, 2014 at 10:54 pm

the guy touching his hair. I googled Louis Tomlinson. yes, that is who it is! Extremely cute, even better in person. both were handsome guys in very short trunks

External image
I liked Louis Tomlinson better. Thank you for giving me his name. I’m a married to a looker myself but if I were younger and unattached he would catch my eye. I like the small affectionate type.

I didn’t see the other people very well, they were at a distance and frankly I was not that curious. They were only there briefly to pick up the 2, my husband and I happened to be leaving at the same time for dinner.

I saw the 2 all day at various times. It’s usually a quite place with very few people, mostly older and wealthy. They stood out as young, good-looking pair, and they made a lot of noise. It was a little annoying because most people will not play music so loud in their cabanas for the sake of others, although they are set far apart. They had their music turned up to an unreasonable volume. I suppose it is the selfishness of youth. One thing that sticks out is when Louis Tomlinson kicked a ball into Harry Styles’s face. Everyone couldn’t help but notice. They were very dramatic and funny about it. I was having a nice day of my own in my own cabana so I wasn’t too focused on them but I do remember that quite vividly.

J says: February 25, 2014 at 3:43 am

Do you mine telling us where you were in Jamaica?

 t blair says: February 25, 2014 at 4:41 am

In a very exclusive spot where my husband and I felt comfortable. If you are familiar with Jamaica’s attitude toward gays, you know why I would not want to say more. It is a beautiful island and if you know where to go and have the money to go there, it can be a slice of paradise. There are some who believe that our community shouldn’t give our money to homophobic countries. I support that opinion, but my opinion is that we shouldn’t allow small minds to keep us away from beautiful parts of the world.

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I was just thinking about scrunchies today and I remember how my sisters and I sometimes deliberately wore our hair down to gymnastics so that we were giving free scrunchies to tie our hair up. They were cool at a certain age when I was little… about eight I think. :)