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People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study.

Female-named storms have historically killed more because people neither consider them as risky nor take the same precautions, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concludes.


sirofwar08  asked:

Hello Dante, Im a huge fan of your work with Avatar, and im looking into explore a bit more than just the TV shows. Love the way you composed characters, the detail and the message you comunicate throught your work. Im a young guy from Argentina and Im looking to do the same about writing and sending a message out there. Is there any tips about the development of a story that I can get from you? TY very much.

Hello! That’s a great question and too difficult and complex to answer in a short post. And the truth is, I’m still trying to figure out how to write and develop stories myself! But here are a few places you could start:

I wrote a series of posts on my writing blog about premise, outline, and script, using a Korra episode as an example. A few aspiring writers have told me they found these helpful.




There are a ton of writing books/blogs out there. My current recommendations are: 


There is also an accompanying podcast that I’ve found very helpful for writing the sequels to Rebel Genius.


Larry Brooks also has a couple books that are great, starting with Story Engineering. His focus on nailing your concept and premise is a great place to start.

Hope that helps and good luck!

48Group Members’ Ranking for Run For Money

As many fans know, Tosochu, or otherwise known as Run For Money, has had several AKB members participating in this game show.

The following members are ranked by time left remaining when they were eliminated, unless they are those who managed to finish the game.

1. Akimoto Sayaka - Won (2010/11/23)

2. Iriyama Anna - 00:51 (2015/11/29)

3. Yamamoto Sayaka - 01:41 (2014/07/06), 02:40 (2014/09/28)

4. Miyazawa Sae - 03:18 (2012/08/28)

5. Takahashi Minami - 06:50 (2010/10/10)

6. Umeda Ayaka - 08:55 (2012/08/28), 15:05 (2013/4/14)

7. Itano Tomomi - 22:44 (2010/03/24), 27:40 (2010/10/10)

8. Kasai Tomomi - 37.29 (2012/10/07)

9. Yokoyama Yui - 45:59 (2015/11/29), 52:43 (2014/01/05)

Amazingly, as you can see here, Sayaka was the only member who actually finished and won the game. Wow. How awesome is she? As expected of AKB’s Superwoman.

What’s also cool is that majority of the members that participated were either current or former Team K members at the time.

It is the feast day of Saint Hill, patron of patent medicine and snake oil salesmen.  He is represented as having a snake’s head, holding up a bottle with a halo.  Saint Hill is usually invoked ironically, as the days of travelling patent medicine sales have largely passed, and icons are occasionally tucked into the shelves of homeopathic remedies as a form of mild civic vandalism.
—  The Hidden Almanac for 2014-06-02

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9 Famous Geniuses Who Were Also Huge Coffee Addicts


Lights were moving in such a smooth and straight lines with random but organized movements

MUFON Report: 75221 

2014-02-06, FL, US

Out in the neighborhood one night/early morning talking in a truck bed with some old friends, around 3 a.m we start to notice three odd lights that created a triangle facing us about ¾ mile to 1 mile away from us in the deep black sky. The lights start to shift and move around in straight lines then disappeared into the abyss. Most of us nodded it off even though it was a bit odd. One hour passes by and out of no where around 7-10 lights appear. They seem to be falling/moving but we weren’t to sure. After a minute or so they start to shift in different directions but again in perfectly straight lines.The lights then disappear again as they did the first time. Video footage wasnt too good but i tried my best at the moment (very unexpected).The way the lights moved freely but smoothly in the sky is what makes me believe this is a UFO.


With Andy joining in, Shinhwa intends to return with our full album around Winter. Although we don’t insist on a genre, the key is in how we express the mold our performance is in through music. We look for something that feels classy. We’ll show that it is possible to experience sophistication and sexiness of the mid to late-30s all at once, minus the usual stereotypical feelings.
—  Minwoo on Shinhwa’s new album in 2014-02-06 Interview with StarN