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To Shira: I had a question about choosing surnames for Jewish characters - I know that certain surnames are tied to very specific people/families, rather than being like Smith or Jones. Do you have any advice for making sure my characters have family names that actually fit their backgrounds without inadvertently making it weird for anyone? Basically, I want to know how to check the cultural implications of choosing a given family name for a character. Thanks!

Jewish surnames

You might be overthinking this because our last names don’t necessarily mean THAT much more about our backgrounds than gentiles’. Unless you’re talking about the original way we used to name ourselves i.e. so and so bat Father'sName. Or Ben Fathersname. (i.e. Daughter of, or Son of.)

But if you do want to read more about Jewish surnames, this article is a good starting place.


Other than that, Google is your friend. I’d make sure there are existing Jews from the specific background of your characters before settling on a name. For example, “Hey, I want to write a character who’s Ashkenazi. Can I use Bernstein as a last name?” Lo and behold we have Leonard Bernstein. (Fun fact nobody asked for: his last name means “amber” in German! But his father, from where the name comes, was from a city that was in Poland at the time but is now in Ukraine.)

If I’m not answering your question, feel free to clarify, but other than researching the geographical origins of a name and making sure it’s a name real Jews have used either today or in history, I’m not sure what other answers are there.

In other words, look over the names of historical figures or living Jews from the same background as your characters, then use Google to research the geographical origins of those names. Try to stick to people whose names are from Jewish relatives i.e. Harrison Ford’s last name comes from his Catholic father, not his Jewish mother, whose last name was Nidelman. And yes, there are Jews who have no Christian relatives who have WASP-sounding last names, because sometimes people changed their names to pass so they could have better employment prospects. I guess if your character has a name like that and isn’t from a family that converted into Judaism, that’s one of those “implications” you were asking about – the implication that Green used to be Greenberg or whatever.


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「お水いっちょう、喜んで!!」 「お水いっちょう、喜んで!!」 の大合唱。
少し遅れて厨房の奥からも 「お水いっちょう、喜んで!!」

Joakim Brodén of Sabaton @ See-Rock Festival (01/08/2014) by doriengoetschalckx


Pu’er - 2014-08-01 - 2017-06-22

Our sweet, brave Pu’er passed away last night. She was a wonderful pig. She showed Kristina how amazing guinea pigs are. She was an ever-faithful friend and protector to her sister Oolong. When she met Barley, she helped teach him how to be a good pig, and now he is a strong, kind, gentle boar.

Pu’er was born on a farm on Xishan in Suzhou. Her first humans grew organic green peppers for their baby cavies, and impressed on us the importance of feeding her green peppers: she loved these, as well as the mandarins her hometown is famous for, the wheat grass Kristina grew for her, and all manner of other fruits and veggies. In her last month, she discovered a love for cherries, and ate fresh basil from Kristina’s garden.

When I first brought her home on the bus, she and Oolong were in a tiny cardboard box. As I peered in, Pu’er nosed back at me, chin held high, in the warning display we would soon come to recognize. Even as a two-week-old piglet, she fearlessly put herself between giant me and her sister. This summer, when we moved to our new house, she was brave as ever: the first nose out from under the blankets in the car, then the leader of the piggle train exploring the new house. Even as she weakened, her spirit was as strong as ever.

Thank you, Pu’er, for welcoming me into your life. A little bit of me will always be a little guinea pig thanks to you. Oolong and Barley miss you, but don’t worry, your herd is in good paws. We love you, Pu’er.

Court In Uganda Throws Out Anti-Gay Law : The Two-Way : NPR

An important victory today for LGBT Ugandans and the larger LGBT African community as well. This is not the first legal judgement in favor of LGBT Ugandans but with each additional one we get one step closer to building communities that recognize the full humanity of LGBT individuals. Although there are other discriminatory laws on the books in Uganda which need to be repealed and tremendous amounts of societal change that also needs to take place there, this is a critical important step that enables LGBT Ugandan organizations to function legally again. And as a gay Nigerian with LGBT Ugandan friends, including some who have fled Uganda and sought asylum in other countries, I am so happy to hear this good news. Positive news for LGBT Africans has been few and far between these last few years, and judgements on this level really matter. And I look forward to the day during which of the full humanity of LGBT Ugandans and other LGBT Africans will be recognized and cherished in all of our communities at home and in diaspora.

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