Throwback Thursday: Cosplay Edition

Rorschach (Watchmen), Long Beach Comic Con 2009/10?

The first cosplay I did when I moved out to LA! My grappling gun was and still is a key portfolio piece for me, it’s blades spring out and it actually fires it’s grapple! I made my start selling a short run of these, (the run is now retired, please don’t ask!) With the lovely @coelasquid as the Comedianne! Her cigar was actually Cuban. Also our first cosplay together! 

Doug Rattmann (Portal), SDCC 2013

Portal 2 is still my favorite vidya game I’ve ever actually played, and played through a million times. About a week before the convention I realized I wanted to dress as Rattmann, and with a donated wig from a friend, a three-day companion cube build, and a fake beard later, a blast was had! 

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Nux, (Mad Max: Fury Road) SDCC 2015

Last year was probably my favorite Comic Con to date, and my Nux was a total hit! Combined with my buddies @carnyblog as Immortan Joan and @korybing as Furiosa, we certainly stole the show!

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Cole, (Dragonage) Kamikaze 2015

I’ve watched Kelly and her fiance play hours and hours of Dragonage, and when she said “I bet Cole would be your favorite”, she knows me too well. I was all for this cosplay group if only to own that fantastic hat! Even our buddy @emilykcomicsmith flew in from Australia to be our Varric! With @coelasquid as Iron Bull. The best part, not going to lie, was riding the train to the convention in costume. Thank goodness it was actually on Halloween or we would have gotten even more funny looks!

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2016 is the year of the Junkrat!! I feel like it’s my most impressive cosplay yet, and am super pumped to finish it up!