We were supposed to watch About Time but sadly, it was not showing in Greenbelt anymore so my friends and I decided to just have a pig out day. (Which I love more<3)

We had our late lunch at The Burger Bar in Greenbelt 2.

At first, I didn’t know what to order because they’re all just burgers. (Hahaha) But when the waiter was asking for our orders, what I said was “Kuya, ‘yung burger na maraming bacon” so he suggested the Piggy Burger (245php)! My friends ordered the Hangover Burger (285php) and the 4 cheese chuck (245php). The burger was good, but I expected more for the restaurant because I’ve been seeing tweets and IG posts about it. Booohooo.

Anyway, we ordered Buttermilk chicken tenders (290php) for our appetizer and tried the Nutella Milkshake (290php) which was both taste so gooooooooooood.

Boracay days 1-3

Okay, so this is my second time in Boracay this year! Wohooo. Went to Boracay after I celebrated my 21st birthday.

My friend, Micah and I went to Boracay in a super biglaan trip! Biglaan trips are always one of the happiest, di ba?! :)

My OOTD going to the Island of Boracaaay!

Hello, Boracaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Our Boracay trip was basically “Water activities” trip. We did 7 activities in three days! Paguraaan!

Also, we didn’t drink alcohol or went to clubs at night during the whole trip but instead, we had coffee at Starbucks at first night and tulog agad on the second. I’m so proud of myself! HUHUHUHU. 

Anyhooo, doing 7 activities was so tiring!! Sakit sa katawan after. Hahaha. Keri lang, I enjoyed a lot naman. So here’s some of our photos!

First day activities were: ATV, Boracay 360 and Zorb!

We were so tired and hungryyyyyyyyyy. We had Buffet at Astoria Plaza Hotel! <3

Day 2!

Our activities were parasailing and flying fish. Look who’s stronger during our flying fish activity, I AM! I AM!

Day 3

Okay, so our activities of our last day were Island Hoping with Snorkeling and Helmet Diving! <3