Today is my birthday! I’m 21! I’ve been drug and alcohol free for 3 years, 11 months and 3 days and I will not be breaking by sobriety because I can now legally drink in the states, I’m content.
Happy birthday to me 🎎🎎🎊❤️!

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Stephen Mangan is starring in Sky Arts’ version of comedy stage play ‘Birthday’, in which the gender tables are turned as he finds himself on an NHS maternity ward, pregnant, waiting for his caesarean and the imminent birth of his daughter.

Anna Maxwell Martin plays Mangan’s high-flying executive wife, doing her best to remain sympathetic and patient throughout as Ed experiences the agony, tears, humiliation, anxiety and ecstasy of childbirth.

Also starring Sherlock’s Louise Brealey as the hospital registrar, Birthday airs on Sky Arts on Tuesday 9th June at 9pm.

Happy birthday, Allen Ginsberg (b. 3 June 1926)

“I really would like to stop working forever – never work again, never do anything like the kind of work I’m doing now – and do nothing but write poetry and have leisure to spend the day outdoors and go to museums and see friends.“
- Allen Ginsberg


A rundown of what Om-nom nommed during his birthday weekend:


  • Bacon - Gifted to him by the owner of the cafe where we had lunch. (Om only got a small piece, corgdad ate the rest.)
  • Cookie - From the bakery owner when we picked up the doggy cakes and other goodies.
  • Frog Cupcake thingy - Pre-party snack.
  • Birthday Cake - At the party.
  • Bully Stick - From Foxy’s momma, to snack on while the humans were eating dinner.
  • Little Treat Cookie things - From the owner of the restaurant where we had dinner. They brought two plates of treats, one for Foxy and one for Omelette.


  • “Hamburger” and one “French Fry” - Actually dog biscuits.

Monday (his birthday day)

  • Small Cookie - With breakfast.
  • Personalized Bone Cookie - Afternoon snack. Just a quarter of it though.
  • Leftover CAKE!

Not to mention his regular meals plus treats he gets for training and looking at the camera. Amazingly his poo is still solid. 


About 30 days ago, I was a smaller blog and I had reached 700 followers. In response to that, I had made a post to hit 800 before my birthday….I reached it. I thought “Wow. Okay. New goal…I guess.” I then made a goal at around 840 followers to reach 1000 before or on June 3rd, my 21st birthday.

WELL, now on my 21st birthday-20 minutes into it, I would like to say that I have exceeded that goal in a HUGE proportion. My blog is at 1220 followers!! I couldn’t be anything more than happy and I couldn’t ask for more. It is one of the best birthday gifts so far to know I am supported by so many.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the astrology blogs that have supported me and my followers who have as well. You guys have done that on top of encouraging me. Your compliments and love have done nothing but motivate me to do better for you. It has made me so happy to succeed in knowing that you guys are happy learning and listening to the knowledge that I only wish to share with you.

I would also like to thank my boyfriend, thetumblrthatwillneverbeused. You have been my best friend for three years and counting and still remain in that title. We have also been dating since the 23rd of December and I am so happy to say that you have enlightened me to how amazing love can be. I love you so much. You have done nothing but encourage my dreams and motivate me to reach my goals and above. You have also believed in me when I didn’t, had the utmost faith in what I was and am doing, and you have never given up on me, no matter what the circumstance is. You are seriously the love of my life.

Notable blogs that are my loves (my original squad) 💕 : asstrologi, funkyastrology, trippygemini, fh-horoscopes, aritarious, frillyastrology, lolastrology, strangology, vinylastrology, sun-in-gemini 🎀

Lucas’ cake smash

Lucas is one tomorrow, so today we thought we’d do a cake smash.
It was messy and fun, and until the end when I said “no” to Lucas crawling off the table and he decided to shout at me and cry, we had lots of smiles and happiness.

I have just finished setting up his presents and bunting with Brad, he has a huge hellium 1 balloon, a moomin ONE bunting and i painted the letters O, N and E silver and glittery for decorations (The shop forgot to give us the little bag with the one balloons and one birthday banner when we bought the hellium balloon, annoyingly, today) 
He has from Brad and I, a wooden kitchen, a wooden cafe/shop, lots of wooden accessories for the kitchen and cafe, moomin bowl, moomin apron and lots of water toys for swimming and the beach for summer. He has been spoilt but he is only one once I guess.

We’re off to Marwell zoo tomorrow and i am hoping to vlog the day to upload to my youtube channel, we’re so excited that he is turning one but are a little sad that our baby is no longer going to be 0. 

He’s changing so fast and it’s been the most INCREDIBLE year watching him grow and turn from a beautiful, contented newborn to a cheeky, funny 1 year old. He is the most precious little boy and can’t imagine how i lived happy before I had him.
This time last year I was getting ready for bed to have an early night due to having the midwife due over early the next morning, not realising that I was going to wake up at 2:30am to use the toilet to then feel my waters break and know that meeting Lucas was not far away at all. 

I can feel myself welling up just typing this so I think it’s time to call it a night, have a shower and climb into bed ready for an early morning to celebrate Lucas’ first birthday, It will be a day we will never forget.