2013: six nations

Laura Cornelius Kellogg was an Oneida First Nations woman who devoted her life to activism for Native American rights. She was the voice for Oneida people, as well as the other Haudenosaunee tribes. She fought for land in New York (Haudenosaunee territory) tribal autonomy and self government.

walking home through cardiff after ireland lost to wales

some guy hanging out of his upstairs window (because reasons) sees me and my family in all our gear and shouts ‘ireland! i love you! you lost but you’re still fucking legends! you’re a better country than us!’ and my dad shouts back 'i’m not sure about that’ and the guy replies (so earnestly bless him) 'no you are! you’re still in the eu!’ and omfg

Studio portrait of the surviving Six Nations warriors who fought with the British in the War of 1812.

Photography did not exist during the War of 1812, but was invented by the time veterans John Smoke Johnson (aged 93), John Tutlee (aged 91) and Jacob Warner (aged 92) were old men in 1882. A draped British flag honours the veterans, who hold First Nations symbols of their war service.

(Library and Archives Canada)

England men’s team may not have been able to pull off the Grand Slam, but the women’s team topped the table with 5 spectacular wins and got the Grand Slam in incredible style. It’s just a shame they won’t get a tenth of the coverage and praise that the men’s team will get from the public and the press,