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This Robot is Controlled by Your Thoughts

“Lucy is a Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) wearable that can detect your brain signal and allow you to directly control electronic devices (including toys, smart home appliances and robotic devices). Lucy is designed to make your daily life more adventurous, enjoyable and efficient. Just by wearing Lucy, you can explore a new way of interacting with your environment!”

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The quetelet index (i refuse calling it "bmi index" bc it medicalises a statistical study) was changed 2 times, both times to lower the standard of "average" despite the average increasing, to fit into the mainstream health assumptions, and make the heavy pay more for insurance. When you liyerally manipulate the results of a study to for your hypothesis, for the express concern of making money, you can bet your ass it's fraudulent.

I don’t know if anyone else is interested in that sorta stuff but

when I read Dylan’s autopsy report for the first time, since I am a bit crazy and have an ED, I went to calculate Dylan’s BMI (body mass index).

Even for someone in his late teens, Dylan was underweight with a BMI of 18.1. 

I wonder if it was the awkward teenhood-growing kinda inbalance that caused him to be a bit too skinny, or if he underate because of his depression, or actually maybe had an eating problem too? It made me quite curious.

If I had to guess I would say the dramatic weightloss happened in the weeks shortly before NBK, as in the older videos Dylan is very skinny but also still muscular and not looking underweight.

Eric’s weight wasn’t stated, so I couldn’t calculate his.

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So, I am a 5'5" female and my goal is to get down to somewhere between 135-120. I've looked around and according to BMI, that seems to be an appropriate weight for my height... however, my mom keeps telling me if I get to that weight, I'll just look sickly and that BMI is bullshit. I don't think that's true but she thinks I should get down to 150 which would be overweight. It's kind of discouraging and I don't know how to tell her that I want to be a healthy weight! It's just frustrating! 😤

Honestly? Don’t tell her.

I know it sucks, and I know having your family’s support is much, much better than not having it, but sometimes it’s best to do our thing. 

BMI isn’t the be-all of weight, since even 1 lb of difference can get you from overweight to healthy weight and healthy weight to underweight, but it’s still a good measurement in broad terms. 

According to the BMI, anything between 111 lbs to 149 lbs can be a healthy weight for your height, so you have plenty of wiggle room to get to a weight you feel comfortable in. 

So, while there’s more to a “healthy weight” than just BMI, there’s practically no way to look sickly weighing 120-135, as long as you get there in a responsible way. 

Where am I going with this? 

No one can really tell your weight just by eyeballing you, so you do you and if your mom asks, tell her you’re aiming for 150 lbs. 

I cannot be more proud of a song that I have written. Thank you to everyone who made this song what it is today. So much emotion put behind this song and it was scary releasing it to the world but you guys have accepted it and I could not be happier with the choice of releasing it as the lead single off my upcoming record ❤

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Yes, people who are fat and unhealthy are just as valid. Unpacking internalized fatphobia has been a long road for me and I feel like this blog has helped a lot. So, first, thank you! Second, I did consider trying to find a new doctor that didn't use BMI, I'm just not sure how to. I guess you just have to go to the doctor and find out what they say? It's so hard for me to make appointments. But, I significantly trust this doctor less just from them using BMI.

I think, sadly, that most insurance requires them to use BMI for billing.  But I have some doctors who try to get me to lose weight and others who just treat me for the health problems I have.  The latter are definitely better doctors, and I like them more too because they’re less shitty people. 

I get it about the appointments.  Most of my doctors use this online tool, which you can use to schedule an appointment without phones.  So maybe that could be part of how you select a new doctor, too.

I think doctors will still let you interview them.  You can make an appointment to just talk to them and find out what they’re like and if you’re likely to get along.  I also recommend nurse practitioners to everyone.  They tend to be less arrogant and more involved with you and your problems and are just easier to talk to.

-Mod Siarl

I love this quote I just found

“Nevertheless, many doctors and medical insurers continue to rely on BMI (deemed by NPR a “200-year-old numerical hack developed by a mathematician who was not even an expert in what little was known about the human body back then”) as an authoritative marker of health.”