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Clip Length: 1:24
Source: Tamura Yukari no Itazura Kurousagi #517
Air Date: 2013.02.23
Personality: Yukari Tamura

(Due to her upcoming 17th birthday (2013.02.27), Yukarin was reflecting on the year of her birth, 1996.)

Welcome back! Good Evening! This is Tamura Yukari!

Well, we just spent some time thinking of some things that happened in 1996. First of all, it was year of the rat. I don’t really have any feelings about that. Nothing at all. In ‘96 Yano-san was… 19 years old… That’s quite a bit older, huh? 19 older than me, huh?

I think, probably it was in '96… I moved to Tokyo then. 5 or 6? '95 or '96? Probably 6. I think so. I haven’t really looked into it so I’m not sure. But I have a feeling it was '96. “A Tokyo 17-year old”? What do you mean?

17 years in Tokyo. Oh. That’s not right, is it? Well, in, I guess it was '97, I think I put out a CD!


I don’t remeber exactly, but of course it was like, “♫Aaaah eh uuu aa uueee!♫” Well, I was just one!