The Larry Jacket: A Timeline

22 January 2013

Harry is pictured leaving the London Loves LA offices in London wearing a jean jacket and carrying a bag of clothes.

11 February 2013

Louis is pictured outside rehearsals for the Take Me Home Tour wearing the jacket Harry picked up in London.

14 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again. 

15 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again.

20 February 2013

He wore it to the Brits and again leaving the after party with Eleanor looking a little small and sad.

25 February 2013

Louis wore it again on the 25th.

Take Me Home Tour

Harry is seen here possibly holding the jacket backstage on a UK date of the Take Me Home Tour in Spring 2013.

12 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket at a promo appearance on the X Factor in Milan, Italy.

21 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket during their video shoot for “Midnight Memories” in London.

Spring 2014

Harry is seen at rehearsals for the Where We Are Tour in London, possibly holding the jacket and putting it in a car.

1 January 2017

Louis posts a selfie on Instagram in the jacket.

My Thoughts

So, 3 years after we definitively saw the jacket, Louis wore it and posted a selfie of himself in it on Instagram. I think it was one of those things Louis latched onto during a particularly rough time post-Haylor and as things began to spiral quickly out of their control in early 2013. One small act of rebellion that surfaced again and again over 2013, and now again, at the beginning of 2017. Don’t get me wrong…I think he genuinely likes the jacket. It’s well-worn and loved. It’s just sweet to me that he still has it and that it resurfaces when he’s in England/London for longer periods of time (2013, early 2014 and now).

I don’t think anyone translated this? Oh, well.

A part of your body that you like?

Keiichiro Koyama

[2004: Hairstyle] Since this hairstyle suits my face. It gives off the feeling that I’m a celebrity. (laugh) Cutting it short is definitely not an option! (laugh) 

[2013: Eyes] Since I have single eyelids. (laugh) It’s the eyes you won’t see in Johnnys often. That’s why I think they’re good. When I think that way I can accept them with gratitude.(laugh) As my originality.

Shigeaki Kato

[2004: Navel] I think myself that the shape is nice. (laugh) Since I said I take pride in it on TV shows and such at concerts there have been uchiwas saying “pretty navel”.

[2013: Neck] I have been taking voice training lessons for a period of time. At that time I have been talking about neck a lot and I practiced while looking at my neck. That’s why I became familiar with it, sort of grew emotionally attached to it. (laugh) 

Yuya Tegoshi

[2004: Eyes] I often get told by everyone “So big!” Also the pupils are a light brown so I like it. These eyes are similar to my mother’s. Mother, thank you! (laugh) 

[2013: Lips] I think it was in a magazine. I saw it somewhere, there was this lip analysys thing and my lips indicated that I'm passionate. I also like the mole on my lip.

Takahisa Masuda

[2004: Elbow] My PE teacher said “Elbow is the place where your muscles are attached. The muscles of people whose elbows are dented are well-attached.” Don’t you think that my elbows are nicely dented?

[2013: Elbow] To be honest, I like everything. But I decided to daringly take a picture of my elbow. I thought I’d show off my muscles a bit.(laugh) 

Wink up, 2013.12