Just watched the TOKIOxArashi Premium Night 1, 2013.12.28.

This one has Nagase (TOKIO) and Aiba (Arashi).

Aiba is looking super super cool~~ cant help to make gifs of him. Got to see a “waiting for someone” Aiba, a laughing Aiba, a “waiting for his senpai to eat first” Aiba, eating his food Aiba, “reaction to good food” Aiba, excited storyteller Aiba and a happy Aiba at the end saying bye-bye!~~~ all within 5 mins (≡^∇^≡)


Ohno from TOKIOxArashi Premium Night 2, 2013.12.29.

This one has Matsuoka (TOKIO) and Ohno (Arashi).

Call me weird, but i still super adore Riida though he’s already 33 (which he doesnt look like btw).

His shiny eyes (1st gif) super adore them >.<
I luv his eating face, his speaking face, his listening face, his laughing face.. He’s Ohno Satoshi ♡´・ᴗ・`♡