Sit Down and Let Me Teach You About A Thing

This is Ben Whishaw

You may know him from Skyfall

Or from the Hour

But did you know he was the youngest ever Hamlet when he played him in 2004

Cute right? Yeah he is married to an Australian composer.

Yeah that’s really adorable. They met on the set of Bright Star in 2009 where Mark Bradshaw (his husband) was composing the soundtrack for the movie.

Now use that information however you wish. I’m going to go think over the fact that every man that keeps me bisexual is gay.

Edit: the picture of the two of them has been removed for privacy reasons
  • white canadian: Hahaha america sucks!! How does my free healthcare look from over there?
  • me: How are those food prices in Nunavut looking like? Still 105 for a case of water? Ya'll still fucking over your canadian aboriginal people huh?
  • me: stop using free healthcare as a quip to shoot against america when you're just like america in the case of genocidal actions and racism. Thousands of native children were taken by gunpoint and placed in "schools" that acted like jails until they died from tuberculosis, but no one talks about it because you don't care enough to look and listen.
  • me: Your shit isn't just Degrassi, funny colored money and poutine. Your shit is horrible and continues to be, so let it be known bunch of maple syrup ain't making that shit sweet anytime soon.
  • me: talk about that
  • links: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/03/08/cana-m08.html
  • --
  • http: //www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/06/11/nunavut-food-prices-protest-inuit-poverty_n_1588144.html
  • --
  • http: //www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/6000-aboriginal-children-died-in-cultural-genocide-in-canadian-residential-school-system-officials-say-10286644.html
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