[NEWS] 2013.02.21 Teen Top, Prisoner outfit teaser revealed ‘the hilarious story behind the nicknames’

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Teen Top’s prisoner outfit teaser photo is a hot topic

Ahead of their comeback, Teen Top uploaded a teaser photo on their official homepage on the 21st.

The revealed photo showed the members in prisoner outfits. In particular, the nicknames on each member had grabbed the attention of many.

Leader C.A.P was ‘MUSTANG82’, Niel was ‘FULLLIPS12’, L.Joe was ‘GANGJOE11’, Chunji was ‘SCATTY77’, Changjo was ‘WANNABESUN99’, Ricky was ‘OOMPH27’

In particular, when the nicknames were interpreted in Korean, C.A.P was ‘a small wild horse’, Niel was ‘full lips’, L.Joe was ‘gangster Joe’, Chunji was ‘a scatterbrain’, Changjo was ‘Taeyang fan’, Ricky was ‘energy’. The nicknames brought laughter to many netizens.

The teasers to Teen Top’s 1st full album ‘No.1’ has been revealed since the 20th and anticipation towards their comeback has heightened.

On the other hand, Teen Top will digitally release all the songs in their 1st full album ‘No.1’ and special edition of the album on the 25th.

Rapper Outsider me2day update 2013.02.21

Rapper Outsider me2day update 2013.02.21

A speaker crying endlessly. Fierce disturbance in my heart. Resonates between you and me. People who make good music no matter how lacking in other respects can’t help but be liked. They’ll get better, your emotions and music. Deeper bit by bit, our communication.


신발을 신고 들어서면 바로 왼쪽으로는 탕이 오른쪽에는 사물함이 보인다. 헤매이고 있으니 어르신 한 분이 아래쪽 두칸에 신발을 넣고 위쪽에 옷을 넣으라고 알려주신다. 어줍짢은 외지인이 주섬주섬 옷을 벗고 탕에 들어서니 조용한 분위기다. 벽위쪽으로난 창문은 창없이 구멍이 뻥 뚤려있어서 벽 옆으로 지나다니는 차소리가 들리고 나무로 된 천장의 들보와 격자 나무의 무늬 사이로 비치는 빛과 그림자가 운치있데 보인다. 탕은 진짜 돌을 사용한데다 온천의 광물이 굳어져 누런색으로 변색된 부분도 보인다.

드디어 탕에 몸을 담구고 서서히 정신을 차려보니 물이 무척 뜨겁다. 탕은 두 군데로 나뉘어져 있는데 안쪽은 뜨겁고 바깥쪽은 그나마 들어갈만하다. 서랍의 아래쪽에는 의자가 있었는데 신발을 신고 들어가기 때문에 다 씼고 나오는 사람의 발이 젖지 않게 의자 위에서 옷을 갈아 입게한 배려였다. 

알고보니 일왕 히로히토가 왔다간 수질 좋은 온천이었다. 

덧1: 1907년도 지어진 건물이라 그런지 옛날 사진과 많이 차이가 난다

덧2: 탕에 들어갈 때 몸을 안씼고 들어가면 뭐라 하시니 주의! (찬물만 나오기 때문에 겨울에는 씼기 힘들지만 안보이게 씼으면 안씼은 줄 알고 뭐라 하심)

[ALBUM INFO] Teen Top's 1st Full Album 'No.1'

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“The in-trend idols” Teen Top is back!

Release of Teen Top’s 1st full album limited edition

The representative idol group that is leading the ‘K-POP’ fever, Teen Top will be releasing their 1st full album – limited edition. Teen Top debuted with their 1st single ‘Clap’ and have been receiving lots of love with ‘Supa Luv’, ‘No More Perfume On You’, ‘Crazy’, ‘To You’ and ‘Be Ma Girl’. 25 February 2013, Teen Top will be releasing their 1st full album – a special present to the fans who have been waiting for a really long time.

To be the No.1 in the music industry!

There’s no recipe more diverse than this!

Teen Top’s 1st full album ‘No.1’ contains all 12 new diverse tracks, as much as it is their 1st full album since their debut 3 years ago; it will give the listeners who have been waiting long, the chance to witness their diverse charms which they have not yet display. During the production for Teen Top’s full album, Brave Brothers worked hard to write the songs to capture the uniqueness of each Teen Top member, from exciting dance tracks, traditional hip-hop, ballads and even R&B numbers. When you think of ‘Teen Top’, ‘knife-like dance’ and strong dance tracks immediately comes to mind, the pre-release track ‘I Wanna Love’ has a memorable emotional guitar sound to it, the emotional R&B that expresses the feelings of separation brought out by the charming vocals and the lyrics – ‘Missing You’, the retro, exciting dance track ‘Why’, traditional ballad track ‘Hello’, hip-top track with the impactful rapping, lyrics personally penned by leader C.A.P – ‘Mr. Bang’! In this album, they attempt. Dance, R&B Soul and ballads, Teen Top’s maturing really fast and you’ll discover their true selves. Kin particular, title track ‘Miss Right’ has an easy-to-follow melody, combined with fresh and bright lyrics, we’re looking forward for it to start a new trend in the 2013 music industry. With every album release, Teen Top surpasses all expectations and brings on the ‘Teen Top brand’ of performances, hence in this 1st album, we can expect to see an upgraded and uniquely Teen Top performance.

Teen Top ‘No.1’ limited edition! Special photobook taken in Paris and Hongkong

A special present! In Teen Top’s limited edition album, there’ll be a A4 sized 80 pages filled photobook . The special photos were taken by the famous photographer Bori who had previously worked with top stars like Lee Hyori, Sooae, Choi Jiwoo, Jang Donggun, Ha Jungwoo and the ‘Infinity Challenge’ team for their calendar shoot. With the members’ delicate emotions, the great photographer Bori matches it perfectly with the luxurious places in Paris. She produced a photoshoot that was natural and emotional. Also, in the capital of fashion, Teen Top showed their unique charms and was captured as the gentle guys. The photoshoot in Hongkong can only be seen in the limited edition version where you can see the vintage colours and stylish members. From the teasers which showed Teen Top as real men, they became a hot issue because of their style in Hongkong! They paid homage to the classic Hongkong movies by transforming into 6 movie characters in the music video, their delicate moments will be expressed through photos. From their fresh young times in their debut, they have returned as real men, the 6 ‘healing-idols’! Other than the 80-paged photobook, there’ll be photostickers and the individual members 6 photocards that will be included.