2013 year in review…

january:  this was probably the hardest month ever, because it was NOTHING.BUT.WAITING. waiting and waiting forever, and we knew who machete was, but had to wait to bring him home! hardest month of my life.

february:  we brought machete home on the first of the month and it was the best god damned thing ever. BEST! seriously. finally, after all the waiting, all the prepping…he was home! most of the month was a blur, honestly, but it was the happiest.

march:  we got into the groove of things this month. machete spent full days at home, with puplunch breaks. we started obedience training, we went on car rides, the snow eventually started to melt.  and our smart little pup grew like a weed!


2013 Reading Look-Back!

Books Read: 100 – No matter what I do or how I try to alter my reading habits, I seem to always read 95-100 books in a year. It’s a good number. I’m happy with it, and I’m not willing to make the kind of bigger lifestyle changes I’d have to make in order to drive it up. 

Gender Breakdown: 57 books by women; 43 books by men – In previous years, my gender breakdown has been much closer to even, and last year it was *perfectly* even, totally by accident. I’ve never had trouble with author gender balance. This year’s differential can be largely attributed to my resolution to read more romance. All 13 of the romance novels I read this year were written by women.

Genre Breakdown – As always, literary fiction dominated my reading life, but (for maybe the first time ever) it didn’t have a majority stake. Here are the numbers: 

Graphic Novels: 2 

Young Adult: 2

Mystery/Thriller: 3

Essays: 5 

General Fiction: 6

General Nonfiction: 6

Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 8

Short Story Collections: 8

Romance: 13

Memoir: 16

Lit Fic: 31

Average Pages Per Book: 338

Goals for 2014:

1) More books by people of color– I always have a handful of books by people who aren’t white on my list, but I’d like to be more deliberate and intentional about incorporating them into my reading life. I’d also like to try more books by authors I’ve never read before. 

2) More graphic novels – Now that romance is just another normal part of my reading life, I want to focus on busting into one of my last hold-out genres. I’m not lacking for good recommendations, and I already have a shelf full of unread graphic novels. It’s time to dive in.

3) Read for at least an hour a day – I easily *average* an hour a day of reading, but that’s with multi-hour stretches on the weekends to balance the mid-week stretches when I sometimes don’t get any reading in at all or only manage to steal a few minutes at bedtime. There IS time in every day, I just have to take it and choose not to use it for poking around on the internet or watching TV. Ideally, this will mean putting work away around 5:30 and reading for 30-45 minutes before I start dinner, then counting evening and bedtime reading in too. 

How was your 2013 in books? Any great graphic novels or books by people who aren’t white to recommend for me?


2013 year in review…

april:  machete had his first big visit to my work, and he was great. so many pupwalks. so many pupnaps. kickin’ ass in puppy classes. spring was in full effect, and machete was the only one to sad to see the last of the snow :p

may:  may was SO HARD. so flippin’ hard. spent a week away from my little corgum, a whole week in colorado while he was here in MA recovering from a mild eye injury.  it was a really hard month.  also, at 6 months old, machete was lookin’ less and less like a little teddybear puppy and more like a full-grown corg.

june:  our first big road trip with machete. we went to maine for aragorn’s birthday, we stayed at a dog-friendly b&b in ogunquit. 

2013's Top 10 Albums, Top 5 Splits, and Comp of the Year.

First of all, I’d like to dispel any negative connotation there may be for a top ____ list. It’s merely meant to get the conversation flowing and simultaneously introduce people to new artists and sounds with commentary and opinion sprinkled in. It’s not a competition, it’s not an authoritative voice on music, it’s just my favorite things that came out this year.

You can easily reach any of these releases by clicking on the titles.

So without further ado…

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2013 year in review…

october:  fall leaves and ALL THE PUPWALKS! yay! machete was super stoked for the fall.  all of the leaves, the cooler weather. the shorter days weren’t that great.  also, we took machete apple picking and to the drive in.  absolutely fantastic.

november:  machete’s first birthday.  seriously epic event. dori, ralph, cali, and jackson came to party. machete had a weekend long party. it was crazy.  can’t believe my little nugget is one already…

december:  machete’s first christmas at home. he got, as meghan would say, MACHETELOOT…all of the toys. ALL OF THE DOG TOYS! and he got to go hang out at work with me and open presents and frolick around the christmas tree.  it was a great christmas with the corg.

and that wraps it up for 2013…cannot wait till 2014 because that’s going to be our first ENTIRE YEAR of the corg.


2013 Top Personal Reedus Moments

1) He retweeted my daughter’s picture when he was in Australia last January!  The fangirl scream she made was epic.  He posted this same pic several times throughout the year, as well as other pics I sent to him in a “care package” early this summer.

2) Norman responded to Ciera’s care package with a note that made her year.  She goes back to this whenever she has a crappy day because no matter what anyone else thinks, Norman thinks she’s awesome!

3) Unfortunately, Norman had to cancel Texas Frightmare Weekend at the last minute so my friend Jen made a Reedus Bear!  This led to many Reedus bear shenanigans (he got us lost near the airport, is easily distracted, and knew how to get us to Hooters) and it also led to this Flandus Bear moment!

4) Reedus Bear, just like his inspiration, takes great selfies!

I will finally get to meet Norman & Sean (again!) at Wizard World Sacramento in March and I hope that this new year will be filled with more memorable Reedus moments, Flanery moments!


2013 year in review…

july:  though this month was so unbelievably hot, like stiflingly, scorchingly hot, it was all about CORGIS! we took machete to rhode island for corgipalooza and it was glorious!  machete frapped so hard he nearly melted. (photo by chris brock)

august:  so warm over the summer, but so much fun.  plenty of playdates with machete’s best corgi friend, cali.  and lots of trying to keep the corgi cool in the hot weather.

september:  summer was kind of a blur.  fall was a welcome change, if anything because it made pupwalks a little less sweltering.  machete hit 10 months, we ended up spending a lot of time at ashland state park, too. also, we started a recall workshop.  also, out of all the events we went to over the summer and such, woofstock was the best.