This Day in 1D History - September 18



  • Louis sits his scheduled Rovers game out due to injury :(
  • Niall trains with the Melbourne Heat football team! 


  • the boys gear up for the Apple Music Festival (clip posted)
  • Drag Me Down BTS posted 
  • Niall wears his favorite hat out in London 

So I’ve got this funny little running problem.  Yep, already planning 2013.

  • Jan 12-13 - Goofy Challenge
  • Jan 20 - Tinkerbell Half (Coast to Coast Challenge)
  • Jan 27 - Carlsbad Half (Triple Crown Challenge)
  • Feb 3 - Surf City Marathon (Beach Cities Challenge)
  • April 28 - La Jolla Half (Triple Crown Challenge)
  • May 5 - OC Marathon (Beach Cities Challenge)
  • July 28 - SF Half (2nd Half for Half it your way Challenge)
  • August 18 - AFC Half (Triple Crown Challenge - Complete)
  • October 6 - Long Beach Marathon (Beach Cities Challenge - Complete)

Looks like a pretty fun year, and I’m sure a few more events will creep their way in.

Virginia Tech announces dates for 2013 football schedule

*04/20 Maroon vs. White Spring Game (Lane Stadium)

08/31 vs. Alabama (Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Ga.)
09/07 vs. Western Carolina (Lane Stadium)
09/14 @ East Carolina (Greenville, N.C.)
09/21 vs. Marshall (Lane Stadium)
09/26 @ Georgia Tech (Atlanta, Ga.)
10/05 vs. North Carolina (Lane Stadium)
10/12 vs. Pittsburgh (Lane Stadium)
10/26 vs. Duke (Lane Stadium)
11/02 @ Boston College (Chestnut Hill, Mass.)
11/09 @ Miami (Miami Gardens, Fla.)
11/16 vs. Maryland (Lane Stadium)
11/30 @ Virginia (Charlottesville, Va.)

Hey look my schedule for this semester uwu 

I just switched out of one class on M/W and into the Romantic Literature on Tuesday nights. It makes my Tuesdays crazy, (the classes are doubling up at the end because there is like 15 minutes between the two) but my Mondays and Wednesdays look amazing. I just wasn’t feeling my Film and Literature class. I hated my last one so….

Also: no Friday classes! 

October 21 - Sign ups open
November 18 - Artist sign ups & sign ups for pre-matched pairs close
December 9 - Art drafts due

If you haven’t turned your draft in by midnight in your time-zone, it will be assumed that you are no longer participating. Rough drafts should be the equivalent of 60-70% of what your finished work will be.

December 12 - Art up for preview
December 13 - Writer sign ups close
December 14 - Art up for claiming

The exact time at which comments will be opened on the claiming post will be determined later.

January 13 - Writer check-in (mandatory)

This check-in post will be open for 5 days. If a writer misses this check-in, it will be assumed that they are no longer participating and their prompt will be given to a pinch-hitter.

February 3 - Artist & Writer check-in (mandatory)

Please remember to check in on this post to confirm your final participation and be assigned a posting date!

February 10 - Posting starts


I think I may be teetering right on the line of having overcommitted myself this year… Yeep.  

But here’s a little breakdown of what’s coming up for me/the Beastlies:

October 19: I’ll have a piece in the Story Time show. That’s a local one, and it should be a super adorable show. I’ll post some previews of my piece soon.

November 9-10: Designer Con in Pasadena! That’s a biggie, and I didn’t actually think I was going to have a table this year. But I just found out that I will! Now I have about a month to make enough stuff to fill it. Yiiiiiiikes….

November 16 (through the end of the year): I’ll have some small pieces in a show at one of our favorite places: Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. The show is called “Through the Looking Glass,” so if you’re a fan of work inspired by Lewis Carroll (I KNOW SOME OF YOU ARE), then this will be a good show to attend.  Everything in this show is designed to be in a very affordable range, so… holiday gift… just sayin’.

December 14: I will have some small pieces in a show called Gift Wrapped in the Clutter Gallery in New York! I love Clutter Magazine, so I’m very excited about this one. I wish I could actually go to it, but it’s not going to work out. If you can go, take pictures for me!

There’s more exciting stuff in 2014, but let’s leave it at this for now.  Rest assured I will continue to mention and plug these as they approach. :)

2013 Schedule SBS, KBS & MBC Year-End Shows +Streams  

December 27, 2013 

✿ KBS Music Festival (December 27, 2013 [6:50AM EST] [8:50PM KST] )

December 29, 2013 

✿SBS Gayo Daejun (December 29, 2013 [6:45AM EST] [8:45PM KST] )

✿ MBC Entertainment Awards (December 29, 2013 [6:45AM EST] [8:45PM KST] )

December 30, 2013 

✿ MBC Drama Awards (December 30, 2013 [6:45AM EST] [6:45AM KST] )

✿ SBS Entertainment Awards (December 30, 2013 [6:45AM EST] [6:45AM KST] )

December 31, 2013 

✿ KBS Drama Awards (December 31, 2013 [6:30AM EST] [8:30PM KST] )

✿ MBC Gayo Daejaejun (December 31, 2013 [6:50AM EST] [8:50PM KST] )

✿ SBS Drama Awards (December 31, 2013 [7:00AM EST] [9:00PM KST] )

http://k.kbs.co.kr/ (only KBS)
http://vod.sbs.co.kr/onair/onair_index.jsp?Channel=SBS (only SBS)

Okay, for the people who keep assuming Sherlock’s creators are lying when they say the special will air around Christmas but there’s no set date yet… Odds are they’re telling the truth.

The BBC has never officially set an airdate for new episodes of Sherlock more than a few weeks ahead of when they aired.

For Series 3, which aired as part of BBC’s Christmas schedule (which is more than Christmas Day, by the way—it spans multiple weeks), we didn’t get an airdate until November 29, 2013. And even that airdate announcement was “special,” since it was 5 days ahead of when BBC published the final version of the rest of their Christmas 2013 schedule.

Even if the Sherlock team knows some likely dates now, those dates could change before the final schedule is made. Because the BBC is completely in charge of that, not the people who make the shows.

And besides, no one involved in any part of this is going to want to shoot themselves in the foot and give other broadcasters months of extra time to decide what counterprogramming to put on opposite the Sherlock special to steal away eyeballs from one of the BBC’s juggernauts.

If we’re really lucky, maybe the fact that the special will be in cinemas will somehow lead to a slightly earlier airdate announcement. So keep your fingers crossed for that if you’re desperate for a date.

Otherwise, cut the Sherlock team some slack. There is no official date until the BBC says so, and even if the Sherlock team has a really, really strong idea of what date will be chosen it would be unprofessional of them to give it just to shut us up. Out of all the secrets involved with the show, that secret is not theirs to tell.

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Based on 2013 records, the Oakland Raiders will play the toughest schedule in the NFL next season. The Raiders will play a total of nine games against 2013 playoff teams, plus a game against the 10-win Arizona Cardinals. 

The Raiders play all four teams that played in the NFC and AFC Championship games and that includes three games against the two teams that were in the Super Bowl. 

Oakland might have it tough, but they’re not the only ones playing nine games against 2013 playoff teams. The Broncos will also play a total of nine games in 2014 against teams that made the playoffs in 2013.

The eight toughest schedules in the NFL belong to the eight teams in the AFC and NFC West. The two divisions will play each other in 2014. The two divisions combined to send five of their eight teams to the postseason in 2013. 

It pays to be in the AFC South in 2014. The four easiest strength of schedules next season belong to the four teams in that division. Going into 2014, Indianapolis has the easiest strength of schedule, followed by Tennessee, Houston and Jacksonville. 

Here’s the 2014 strength of schedule for each NFL team (Combined 2013 record of all 16 opponents, combined winning percentage)

1. Oakland Raiders: 148-108, .578
2. DENVER BRONCOS: 146-110, .570*
3. St. Louis Rams: 144-111-1, .564
4. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: 144-112, .563
4. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: 144-112, .563
6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: 143-112-1, .561*
7. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: 143-113, .559
8. Arizona Cardinals: 140-116, .547
9. New York Jets: 132-122-2, .520
10. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: 131-123-2, .516*
11. Atlanta Falcons: 130-124-2 .512
12. Miami Dolphins: 129-125-2, .508
13. GREEN BAY PACKERS: 128-126-2, .504*
14. Buffalo Bills: 127-127-2, .500
15. Chicago Bears: 125-127-4, .496
16. Detroit Lions: 124-128-4, .492
17. Washington Redskins: 125-130-1, .490
18. Dallas Cowboys: 125-131, .488
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 123-131-2, .484
20. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: 122-133-1, .479*
21. Minnesota Vikings: 121-133-2, .477
22. CAROLINA PANTHERS: 120-134-2, .473*
23. CINCINNATI BENGAL: 120-136, .469*
23. Pittsburgh Steelers: 120-136, .469
23. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: 119-135-2 .469
26. Cleveland Browns: 119-137, .465
26. New York Giants: 119-137, .465
28. Baltimore Ravens: 117-139, .461
29. Jacksonville Jaguars: 116-140, .453
30. Houston Texans: 113-143, .441
31. Tennessee Titans: 112-144, .438
32. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: 110-146, .430*