Remarkable Cinderella Moment: Downtown Abbey Actress Turns Heads!

Red is a typical standout color. But pairing it with another shade can be tricky. I am loving this dress because it is simple, no embellishments and is just full-on, eye-catching color. Prada, you did it. Michelle Dockery is superstar. Even on local Philippine news, it was her dress that was included in the seconds-long feature.

Btw, her hair is stunning! If I ever decide to wear my hair short again, it’s going to be this cut!

2013 Emmy's: Maria Menounos in Zac Posen

I love this color and shape on Maria.  She looks hot.  I love the addition of the necklace because it’s perfect for someone who’s interviewing all night and will have a lot of shots that showcase that necklace.  I’m not such a fan of the fishtail, but that’s the only quibble.

Rating: 8.5/10

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