2013 world figure skating championships

Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Free Dance)

Okay, I am fascinated by this look. And I have to say look because as incredible as these costumes are, the make-up is a vital part of what makes me unable to tear my eyes away. It’s like everything that’s good and fun about Halloween!

A fluffy cravat and big sleeves and waistcoat and purple pants? I SALUTE YOU, SIR. 

And I mean, emerald green and plum purple with some spiderwebby dusty accents! This is high level costume coordination: complimenting without mirroring. Also I love their faces, 100% commitment.

Seriously, this is amazing. I LOVE IT.

Grade: A++

Yuri on Ice Timeline

Alright, so I spent all last night (literally) checking dates and confirming schedules because I’m in that deep. There’s no saving me now. And I thought I’d go ahead and break down the timeline I have come to the conclusion is as close to YOI canon as possible. 

There are gaps where I don’t have information to substantiate what happened - and if and when Season 2 comes out or as I’m going through series 1 with a fine-toothed comb , I should find more I shall add it in. 

**Edited 1/14/17 to include new information** 

**NOTE: (4/23/17) These dates/years are incorrect, but the order they happened (While not infallible) should be pretty close. We have been given NEW NEW information placing the China Cup in 2015, which shifts everything forward by a year. Let me reiterate that I am not an expert, and that YOI takes place in an alternate universe so as to avoid copyright infringement and lawsuits.** 

Speculation will be in Italics. 

Alright, so here we go! 


December 25,1985 1984: Victor is born!

November 29,1989 1988: Yuuri is Born!

March 1, 1998 Yuri Plisestky is born!

1998 Makkachin is born!

1997 Minami Kenjiro is born!

1991-1997: Yuuri begins skating

  • Can’t really tell how old he is, but he looks to be somewhere between 4 and 6 years old which is pretty consistent with when skaters start. 

2001: Feb 26-March 2 Junior World Championships Sofia, Bulgaria 

  • At 16 Victor Nikiforov wins Gold at the Junior World Championships

2001-2003: Victor continues to compete , Yuuri’s Junior Debut

  • whether Victor competes at the Junior or Senior level is unclear. A skater can continue to compete at the junior level until the age of 19, after which they must switch to Senior division. 
  • competitors must be at least 13 years old and not older than 19 by July 1 of that year. 
  • However, we can guess that since Yuuri is aiming to skate at Victor’s level, it’s likely that Victor was already competing at the Senior level by the time Yuuri made it to the Juniors.

2003-2005: Victor and Yuuri continue to compete and rise through the ranks

2006: Feb 10-26 Winter Olympics in Turin 

  • Victor potentially competes as an Olympian @ age of 21
  • Based on Johnny Weir’s career which seems to have heavily influenced Kubo-san’s choices for Victor’s. (Weir didn’t place on the podium, but he participated. Additionally, another potential for Victor’s career - Evgeni Plushenko - competed and won gold in Turin)

2008: December 10-14 Grand Prix Final (Goyang, Korea)

  • Victor wins his first Grand Prix Final gold medal @ 23 years old 
  •  just as an aside - Prize earnings of 272K USD for Senior GPF division

2009: December 2-6 Grand Prix Final (Tokyo, Japan) 

  • Victor wins second consecutive Grand Prix Final Gold Medal @ 24 years old
  • Yuuri moves to the U.S. to train at a top facility in Detroit, 1st year of College

2010: March 22-28 World Figure Skating Championships (Turin, Italy)

  • Victor wins first WFSC Gold Medal

2010: December 8-12 Grand Prix Final (Beijing, China)

  • Victor wins Third consecutive Grand Prix Gold Medal @ 25 years old
  • Yuuri’s continues to train in Detroit, 2nd year of College

2011: April 25-May1 World Figure Skating Championships (Moscow, Russia)

  • Victor wins second consecutive WFSC Gold Medal 

2011: December 8-11 Grand Prix Final (Quebec, Canada)

  • Victor wins Fourth consecutive Grand Prix Final Gold Medal @ 26 years old
  • Yuuri continues to train in Detroit, 3rd year of college

*****2012-2013 Skating Season*****

2012: March 26-April 1 World Figure Skating Championships (Nice, France)

  • Victor wins 3rd consecutive WFSC Gold Medal

2012: October Southern Regional Championships

  • Yuuri qualifies for Grand Prix Circuit at Southern Regional Championships

2012: November Grand Prix Final Qualifier Series

  • Yuuri participates in 2 of the Grand Prix Series Qualifiers, but does not specify which two. 
  • Yuuri places well and qualifies for the Grand Prix Final in Sochi

2012: Dec 6-9 Grand Prix Final, Sochi, Russia 

  • Yuuri competes but falls to last place
  • Victor wins 5th consecutive Grand Prix Final gold @ 27 years old
  • Victor qualifies for the Olympic Figure Skating Team for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

2012: Dec. 20-24 Japanese National Championships

  • Yuuri suffers another big loss at the Japanese Nationals according to his explanation in episode 1 of how his last year has gone. 
  • Yuuri’s 4th year of college

2013: February 6-11 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships (Osaka)

  • Yuuri fails to qualify for Four Continents

2013: March 11-17 World Figure Skating Championships London, Quebec, Canada

  • Yuuri fails to qualify for World Championships
  • Victor wins 4th consecutive WFSC gold medal 

2013 March - July 31 End of 2012-2013 Season

  • Yuuri makes the decision to take a break from competition and focuses on school.
  • Yuuri doesn’t imply that he breaks ties with Celestino until after he fails at the 2013 Japanese National Championships (likely due to lack of dedication to skating since his failure at the 2012 Japanese National Championships. Yuuri states that he had lost his love of skating and he was looking to regain that by copying Victor’s routine after returning home in March 2014) 

*****2013-2014 Skating Season*****

2013: August beginning of 2013-2014 season

2013: September - Novemer Grand Prix Qualifiers Senior Division

  • it is implied that Yuuri doesn’t compete during this season

2013: Dec 5-8 Grand Prix Final at Fukuoka, Japan

  • Victor likely at GPF Fukuoka

2013: Dec 20-23 Japanese National Championships (Saitama, Japan) 

  • Yuri states in episode 5 during the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship in 2014 that he hadn’t competed since ‘last year’s Nationals’. 
  • This was his last competition before the Hot Springs on Ice Exhibition Skate-off against Yurio. 

2014: January 20-26 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships (Taipei)

  • Nothing Canon Mentioned - some of our international skating friends are probably skating in the Four Continents, though. So there we go. 
  • It’s mostly here to help me keep track of time. It’s a good place-holder.

2014: February 7-23 Winter Olympics (Sochi, Russia)

  • It is heavily implied that Victor competes as part of the olympic team at the Sochi 2014 olympics. He is shown wearing the uniform at the Sochi GPF, which was a test event for the Sochi Olympic team, and he is wearing it again at the 2014 WFSC. 

2014: March Yuuri goes home, Victor competes at World Figure Skating Championships (Saitama, Japan)

  • Yuuri graduates early March 2014
  • Breaks off with Coach Celestino Cialdi
  • Late March (probably 24-30) Returns home to Hasetsu to consider his future 
  • March 24-30 Victor lands 5th consecutive Gold at the World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama, Japan

2014: April Yuuri performs tribute, Victor flies to Japan

  • Early April, Victor and Yurio return home to St. Petersburg after the WFSC
  • Yuuri performs his tribute skate for Yuuko at the Ice Palace
  • April 10th - Triplets post video of Yuuri skating his tribute piece, it goes viral
  • Some time April 10th or later Victor sees video of Yuuri - applies for Visas and heads off to Japan
  • Probably late April, Yurio follows Victor to Japan when he finds out where Victor went to make good on a promise the older skater made him. 
  • Late April, possibly May (Depends on how long it took to get the Visas for a long-term stay in Japan for Victor and a short-term for Yurio) - Hot Springs on Ice Skate-off at Hasetsu Castle Ice Palace
  • Mostly likely end of April - May Yurio loses and heads back to Russia to continue training with Yakov and begins training with Lilya

2014: May - July 31 End of 2013-2014 Skate Season

*****2014-2015 Skating Season*****

2014: August - beginning of 2014-2015 Season. Everyone in hard-core training mode. 

  • Yurio training with Lilya for his Senior Debut
  • Yuuri training under Victor for Grand Prix Finals and creating ‘Yuri on Ice’ routine 
  • Phichit moves back to Thailand to train 

2014: October Southern Regional Championships, Japan Yuuri’s Grand Return

  • **Note: In episode 1, Yuuri explains that Southern Regional Championships happen in October - maybe this is the actual competition we’re looking at, rather than All-Japan which happens in December and would have made it impossible for Yuuri to qualify for the 2014-2015 Grand Prix Final. 
  • Looking at a map of Japan, it appears that all three prefectures are in the south, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the championship titled  “ The Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship” is referring to the qualifier in October. 
  • Victor’s Debut as Coach
  • Yuuri Debuts Collaborative Routine choreographed by Victor “Yuri on Ice”
  • Yuuri places first and qualifies for Grand Prix Circuit

2014: November 7-9 Rostelecom Cup Grand Prix Qualifier Senior Division

  • Yuuri competes and takes first place

2014: November 13-16 China Cup Grand Prix Qualifier Senior Division

  • Makkachin chokes on buns and Victor goes back to Japan
  • Yuuri has meltdown and ends up placing 4th, still qualifies for Grand Prix Final, though only barely managing to squeak in. 
  • Yurio takes 1st place 

2014: December 11-14 Grand Prix Finals, Barcelona Spain

  • Yuuri and Victor get engaged 
  • Yuuri wins Silver at his 2nd Grand Prix Final with Victor as coach
  • Yurio wins Gold by a mere .12 point difference at his Senior Debut on the professional Grand Prix circiut
  • Victor announces his return to the competitive circuit for next season

2014: Mid December Yuuri moves to St. Petersburg with Victor

———— Here is where it all becomes speculation but based on Kubo-san’s adherence to the real life skating championship schedules, here is a list of stuff we may see in Season 2 ——– 

December 2014-March 2015 Yuuri and Victor training for upcoming WFSC in St. Petersburg with guidance from Yakov

  • Victor learns how to be a better coach
  • Victor struggles to get back into competitive condition and create a new routine for the WFSC in just a few months
  • Yuuri gets world-class instruction from both Victor and Yakov as an assistant coach (You bet Yakov isn’t going to just stand by and let Victor mess up a perfectly good world-class skater out of sheer inexperience as a coach) 
  • Yurio struggles with constant gross-out (omg Dads are embarrassing) BUT finds that fighting spirit and determination to continue to grow as a skater with Victor and Yuuri there to keep his ego in check. 
  • Our boys grow closer together as a couple
  • Yuuri’s confidence grows as a skater and this late bloomer begins to show tf up. Boy gets TURNT. 
  • Friendly rivaly/ Frenemies relationship between Yuuri and Yurio develops

March 23-29 2015 World Figure Skating Championships, Shanghai China

  • Victor returns to the ice as competitor and coach
  • Yuuri competes for the first time at the same level as Victor
  • We see a return of several skaters which may include Giacometi and Seong-gil, as we saw them in the 2014 World Figure Skating Championships placing 2nd and 3rd behind Victor. 
  • Yurio likely also competing (expect shenanigans) - if he isn’t competing he’ll likely be there to heckle at the very least. 

April - August 2015 Hardcore Training and Prep for the Grand Prix Final 2014-2015 season

October - November GPF Qualifiers Senior Division

Oct 23-25 Skate America
Oct 30-Nov 1 Skate Canada
Nov 6-8 Cup of China
Nov 13-15 Eric Lumbard France 
Nov 20-22 Rostelecom Cup Russia
Nov 27-29 NHK Trophy

  • Our boys struggle against a super busy schedule and potentially having to be apart while they both compete in qualifiers. 
  • We get confirmation that they are incapable of surviving without each other. 

December 10-13 Grand Prix Final Barcelona Spain 

  • I expect to see all three of our boys at the GPF. 
  • The REAL Dance-off Battle begins 
  • Yuuri wins Gold against some probably staggering odds. 
  • Marriage Proposal On The Ice - world figure skating fandom explodes 
  • Nose bleeds and bodies everywhere 

((and then we hit utter fantasy … )) 

2016 World Figure Skating Championships

  • Victor has retired as competitive skater - takes up full-time coaching
  • Yuuri competing as top-ranking skater
  • Yurio still grossed out

2016 Grand Prix Final Marsielle

  • Pep talk for Minami Kenjirou for his first Grand Prix Final 
Mao Asada, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Free Skate)

There have been many Swan Lake and swan-adjacent looks in figure skating history (and many Swan Lake programs, but let’s assume we’re mainly talking about the ones that actually bothered to have ballet-related costumes) and I… have been a sucker for almost all of them. 

One of my first figure skating-related memories is watching a tape of Oksana Baiul’s Swan Lake, and it’s been history ever since. What can I say? I may get sick of the music from time to time, but I am never tired of swan outfits.


And dramatic grey underskirt! I love it. 

Grade: A+

anonymous asked:

How do the skaters get their warm up jackets? Is it issued by ISU? Or by their national agency?

Usually the jackets are provided by the Federation (federations sometimes have contracts with suppliers) or the individual skaters’ sponsors.

For example, if you look at the website of the Japanese Skating Federation you’ll see Mizuno as their official supplier.

In international competitions, whenever skaters are participating as Japanese representatives, they must wear the official jackets provided by Mizuno. You’ll also see the logos of other JSF sponsors (like LOTTE or Kosé) sewn on it.

(pic cr: x, x, x, x )

At Nationals (or sometimes practices) you might see jackets of the skaters’ sponsors too.Take a look at Kanako Murakami in 2013 and 2015 for example:



At the end of these videos she wore a jacket by adidas, her individual sponsor. The badges on her jacket include logos of her other (individual) sponsors and her University as well.

Then there’s Daisuke Takahashi who was sponsored by Puma.


Since Yuzu is affiliated with ANA, at Nationals he usually wears their jacket. In 2014 ANA gave him a jacket by apparel provider Nike.

Similar with the US Skating Federation, which is (was?) sponsored by Hilton HHonors.

Team USA poses in their team jackets provided by Hilton HHonors at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario.

cr: http://news.hiltonhhonors.com/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/25475

For the Korean Skating Union the supplier is Fila. (http://www.skating.or.kr/index.do)


The German Skating Union’s official partner is erima (cr: http://www.eislauf-union.de/)


I’m not sure if every Federation is handeling it that way, but at least for the “bigger” Federations it’s quite similar I’d say.


This is Kim Yuna, a South Korean figure skater and Gold Medalist. She’s incredible. This performance was so smooth and looked so effortless. People gave her standing ovations and you could hear how excited and astounded the announcers were. She won the competition by a huge margin

2013 World Figure Skating Championships

Anybody knows where to watch 2013 World Championships live stream? I know icenetwork.net has the live stream, but it’s a $40 season pass. Icenetwork had $11 pass for Worlds last year, but I can’t find it anymore. I hope it will pop up soon. If anybody knows where to watch Worlds live stream, please tell me. Thanks a bunch!!


2013 World figure Championship - Yuna Kim LP (by seecretary)


2013 Figure Skating World Championships

Yuna Kim skating to Les Miserables

Canada and Sochi: Day 3

Extremely good day for Canada. With 2 golds and 1 silver, Canada rallied back from yesterday to put itself on the top of the medal standings. 

Alpine Skiing

Marie-Michele Gagnon had a couple tough races today and finished far back from the podium in the super combined. 


Brad Jacobs’ Sault Ste. Marie rink defeated Germany 11-8 in the opening rounds of the tournament. Although this should have been an easy match the team let Germany steal 2 both in the 3rd and 9th ends. If they want to win gold against Sweden’s Niklas Edin they’re going to have to tighten up.

On the ladies’ side Jennifer Jones downed China 9-2.

Women’s Hockey

Canada handed a decisive defeat to Finland today 3-0. The game was scoreless until the third when Meghan Agosta, Jayna Hefford, and Rebecca Johnston each scored. 


Medal threat Alex Gough finished in 5th spot in both of her runs today with Kimberley McRae in 6th. Arianne Jones is back in 13th. Canada is coming off an amazing year in luge, a sport traditionally dominated by the Germans. Canada has never won an Olympic medal in luge but that is expected to change in Sochi now that the team relay event is making its debut.

Long Track Speed Skating

Solid performances by Gilmore Junio (10th), Jamie Gregg (11th), William Dutton(14th), and Muncef Ouardi (25th) in the men’s 500m.  Although Canada is considered a speed skating powerhouse, this Olympic cycle we are not expecting to see as many medals as usual from this discipline as the team is in a rebuilding phase so these finishes are actually quite notable.

Short Track Speed Skating

Very good day on the short track today with Marianne St-Gelais, Jessica Hewitt, and Valerie Maltais all easily qualifying to the next round in the women’s 500m. With China’s Wang Meng out due to injury the podium in this event is wide open - with St-Gelais a heavy favourite to win gold.

The ladies’ success continued in the 3000m relay where St-Gelais, Hewitt, Maltais, along with teammate Marie-Eve Drolet qualified to the A final on Feb. 18 against the speedy teams from South Korea, China, and Italy.

The men’s competition saw Charles Hamelin race to a gold medal in the 1500m race. Hamelin has been on fire this season and the 1500m is not his strongest event. He is strongly expected to win more medals as short track continues. Following his performance, Hamelin repeated the iconic kiss moment from Vancouver where he skated to the side of the rink and kissed an ecstatic Marianne St-Gelais.

Freestyle Skiing Men’s Moguls

This is the headliner of the day. Alexandre Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury went 1 and 2 today in an event where the two have been neck and neck for the whole season. Canada had 3 of 6 spots in the final with a strong chance of being able to sweep the podium. But, Marc-Antoine Gagnon was forced to settle for 4th after making a slight mistake during his run. Canada’s Phillipe Marquis was also racing today, but could not crack the final and settled for 9th.

This win makes Alex the first person to ever defend Olympic gold in men’s moguls and he too repeated an iconic shot from Vancouver by immediately running over to his brother Frederic and hugging him. Bilodeau and Kingbury’s performance means that Canada won both gold and silver in men’s moguls as well as women’s moguls.


Best day for Canada by far. 2 golds and a silver puts us on top of the medal chart tied with Norway and the Netherlands for total medals (each nation has 7 currently), but slightly ahead as we are tied for golds with the Netherlands but have 1 more silver than them. The winnings were spread around and Canadians in all their competitions did extremely well.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day - women’s ski jump is making its first appearance at the games and Brad Jacobs is taking on Niklas Edin, who he lost the 2013 World Men’s Championship to back in April. The pairs figure skating short program is also happening where Canada has two strong teams that are hoping to contend for either silver or bronze. Men’s snowboard halfpipe and ladies’ ski slopestyle are also happening. Canada has a strong chance of making the podium in slopestyle with both Kaya Turski and Dara Howell.