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MMLP2 - Released on November 5, 2013 the album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and was the second-best selling album of 2013, winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album at the 57th Grammy Awards. The first official single of the album "Berzerk" debuted at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 while “Rap God” debuted at number seven and entered the Guinness World Records as the hit single which contains the most words; it totals 1,560 words. The album’s fourth single “The monster” became Eminem’s fifth single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.


Noble Iceman

Vaguely Noble x SH Sharloni

Noble Iceman is a 2006 purebred reining Arabian stallion with wins including:

2013 Scottsdale Arabian Reining Horse – Top Ten
2013 Scottsdale Arabian Reining Horse AOTR – Top Five
2012 US National Arabian Reining AAOTR – Top Ten
2012 US National Arabian Reining Open – Top Ten
2011 Region IV Arabian Reining Futurity – Top Ten
2010 US National Arabian Reining Futurity – Top Ten

Iceman passed away April 21, 2013 

Kamil Stoch messed up his second jump in the first World Championship competition in 2013, just to win the next one.

Peter Prevc lost the Crystal Globe two seasons ago, just to win in an amazing style a season later.

Daniel-Andre Tande didn’t win 65th Four Hills Tournament. But history tends to repeat itself.

If you’re Tande’s fan, just stay patient and keep supporting him. Maybe it hasn’t been his time yet.

Vince and WWE been “You Mad, Bruh?”-ing the Royal Rumble all decade so far.

2011: “Del Rio Wins Before People Really Get Into Him! LOL!”

2012: “Sheamus Wins Instead of Jericho! LOL!”

2013: “Cena Wins; Hope Y’all Ready For Rock/Cena II! LOL!”

2014: “Daniel Bryan Who? Batista Wins! LOL!”

2015: “Roman Reigns Wins! LOL!”

2016: “Triple H Wins and Gets Another Title! LOL!”

2017: “Roman Eliminates Undertaker! LOL!”


#TBT - McKayla Maroney defends her title on vault at the 2013 World Championships

After winning gold at the 2011 Tokyo World Championships, and silver at the 2012 London Olympics, McKayla Maroney successfully defended her title as vault world champion at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, with a combined two-vault score of 15.724. McKayla managed to make a comeback to gymnastics after numerous injuries, the most serious being a fractured tibia, months after competing in the Olympics. The 2013 Antwerp World Championships would later be her last competition, capping off her successful elite career as a two-time vault champion.

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Hey Girls!!! Whats up! Here your argentinian Kelly fan!. Anywhere i can find kelly's grammy 2013 win vídeo? Or Kelly presenting the country álbum ? Thanks in advance!!!

Whats up!
Unfortunately I could only find part of her speech (here). Most of the videos are little entertainment show recaps :(  I couldn’t find the presenting video either. 


this is a friendly reminder that current-season league standings aren’t an actual indication of what a team is capable of in the champions league.  teams can be meh in their domestic leagues and still win the champions league all in the same season.

here’s some examples: 

  • 2013/14: real madrid win ucl, finish 3rd in liga. 
  • 2011/12: chelsea win ucl, finish 6th in premier league.
  • 2006/07: ac milan win ucl, finish 4th in serie a.
  • 2004/05: liverpool win ucl, finish 5th in premier league.
  • 2002/03: ac milan win ucl, finish 3rd in serie a.
  • 2001/02: real madrid win ucl, finish 3rd in la liga.
  • 1999/2000: real madrid win ucl, finish 5th in la liga.
  • 1997/98: real madrid win ucl, finish 4th in la liga.
  • 1996/97: borussia dortmund win ucl, finish 3rd in bundesliga.

likewise, teams that win their domestic leagues more often than not don’t win the champions league.  i won’t give examples because literally every single year dozens of domestic champions don’t even make it to the main competition.

so yeah anyway, maybe take the league standings with a grain of salt before underestimating a club’s capabilities of performing in the champions league.  these are different competitions and success in one contest does not necessarily equate to success in the other.


The Idol

“Ya Tayr El Tayer” (original title)

The Idol, a Palestinian film that tells the true story of Mohammed Assaf, a singer from a refugee camp in Gaza who went to win 2013’s Arab Idol singing competition.