2013 vacation


Disney Castle by Sandeep Mashruwala
Via Flickr:
Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom.


Sun Glow near Snowshoe by Denise Powers Fabian
Via Flickr:
Cass, Pocahontas County, West Virginia Old company logging houses made into rental cabins.

Gentrification as seen through Google Street View: read about Justin Blinder’s Vacated project this week on the Design and Violence blog. 

[Justin Blinder (American, b. 1985). 11 Second Avenue, New York, NY (Composite of images from 2011 and 2013, from Google Street View), from the Vacated series. 2013. Google Street View, Adobe Photoshop. Images and video courtesy the artist. Series commissioned by More Art for their Envision NY 2017 project. Vacated was produced with the support of Eyebeam Art and Technology Center]


About 3 years ago I went into a tinychat room for spongebob fans, and we started following each other from there. Time passed and we gradually talked and appreciated each other more. I was happy to finally see her and we had a great time. I’d love to come back sometime, not only to see her more but for the city! Philadelphia looked like a fun place.


Above are some pictures of the Palmfield school when it was under construction:

In the summer of 2013, a vacation Bible school was started by a young pastor, Rev. Joseph Johnson, in the Palmfield area. They met in a very rustic borrowed space in which more than 200 children attended. The children and parents urged Pastor Johnson to continue on with regular school starting that September. Local teachers volunteered their time and more than 300 children attended.
The classes were held with no furniture and the children are asked to bring something to sit on. Each day, there was an array of plastic buckets, cement building blocks and pieces of wood used as chairs and desks. But it was a school and a beginning! Donations to PCHA purchased a small piece of land which was cleared by community volunteers. Next, a well was dug and construction of a basic school began.
PCHA hopes within a few years that this school can start to fund itself, or at least most of it. We believe kids should not be prevented from attending school because they cannot afford to go. That is the very reason why we need to help them and provide the seeds of good for these children who will grow up to be productive adults in their country.



The Annual New Year’s Trips

I was researching something completely unrelated the other day and I ran across this video, which included an interview with Josh Kushner. 

He made an interesting comment right at the end: “We’ve invested in the United States, Europe, Latin America, spent time in China and India.”

This caught my attention because of the locations/connection to the annual Josh/Karlie New Year’s vacations. 

In 2013, Josh and Karlie went to St Bart’s with Derek, Dasha, and friends for what is a huge annual celebrity New Year’s eve celebration. Models, movie stars, musicians are all in attendance.

In 2014, they traveled to Myanmar/Burma (which borders China and is next to India). 

In 2015, they traveled to Chile (Latin America).

In 2016, I suspect that Karlie will show up in St Bart’s again at the billionaire’s celebrity bash with Josh, Derek, Dasha and friends. Derek has already snap chatted from there.

They also traveled to Iceland in the summer of 2013. A quick google search shows that “Iceland is a good place for technology startups. An Ideal Location for Investors.” Sounds just like Josh’s cup of tea.

So what I am getting at is that these vacations are likely business-related for Josh. Having a super model on your arm is never bad for business.