2013 tv meme


2013 TV Meme
3. A character you’d want as your friend > Mrs. Hughes, Downton Abbey

Can we all just please take a moment to appreciate Mrs. Hughes? Not only is she a hardworking, efficient lady-boss, but she is also the kindest, most accepting, and most generous soul. Not to mention her occasional amazing sassafras. Downstairs would be a flaming hot mess if it weren’t for her. She listens to everybody’s problems and justly supports and protects her staff, and in doing so sometimes risks her position and even her well-being. Like when that shit happened to Ana, she takes her motherfucking attacker in a room by herself so as to keep the secret and is all, “I know who you are, sir, and you are a disgusting, nasty piece of cow dung. Don’t you touch my peeps again.” Yet when she is in need, she seeks nobody’s sympathy. She is probably the greatest friend you could ask for. She is also surprisingly open minded–from electricity to homosexuality, although she is a lady of the older generation, she is always patient with the new. Let’s all give a hand to Mrs. Hughes.


2013 TV Meme
10. A show you love that didn’t quite fit any of these prompts > Legal High

In all the Legal High Tumblr posts the hashtags are plenty, but almost always include, “please watch this show”. This will be my greatest plea of 2013. I realize this will fall on deaf ears. But if you watch one Japanese Television Drama in your life, WATCH LEGAL HIGH. If you want, come over to my house for 22 hours and we will watch it all and I will translate it for you as we go. You will learn the Japanese word for “OBJECTION” in addition to getting the experience of this perfect, brilliant show. Ridiculously hilarious. Immeasurably sad. Truly poignant. This show is unbelievably smart. It markets itself as a sexy drama, is actually half madcap comedy half edge-of-your-seat courtroom mystery drama, and subtly and effectively speaks the secrets of society. I can’t tell you how fresh it feels to watch a show that blatantly reveals the pitfalls of mankind and how ugly human nature is and simultaneously celebrates the mud in our souls. How great a message is that? As humans we are weak. So instead of trying so hard to rectify it, why not embrace our weaknesses if it means that everything will be okay in the end. Your life is your life. Live it how you want it. GAHHHHH.

Also if there is no season 3 I will punch a puppy.

Also Mayuzumi x Komikado is my OTP for life. That above poster is not fair. YOU ARE SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR.

Okay you pleebs can stop reading now. Thank you for your time in this crazy ride of a TV meme. It was fun! But I need to watch more TV so I can have more feelings! Because having feelings in real life is just not as fun.


2013 TV Meme
2. A season/series finale that blew your mind
> “Heroine”, Elementary

“You named a bee after me?”

This season finale just…ugh. The episode before just gave me so many feelings and then this bitch walked in and was all, “here’s some more!” It was so incredibly important to me that Watson is the one who bested the nemesis, and also important to establish the growth both her and Holmes have made as detectives and as people. The scene between Moriarty and Watson at the restaurant was just delicious. I know it’s a little blah that it’s two women discussing a man, but it is done in such a unique, crackling, un-catty way, and actually serves a purpose that is not entirely romantic.