2013 roster

I’ve been thinking..and ive absolutely fallin’ in love with this fandom. The USWNT has literally helped me through my goals in life of becoming better at what i do and as a person. When the women on the team start to become mother’s or just realize that their time is up for them, we will all remember that day for the rest of our lives. I cant think of very much to express how much this team means to me and the one day i will hear on the news or radio about one of them passing away my heart will be in a black hole and right than and there i will start to cry and remember all of these things i saw them do and say. It wont matter where i am, even if its at work i will always remember everything about them and about how much everyone on here and around the world cares about them. <3 4 Ever USWNT <3

Averbuch, Yael 

Barnhart, Nicole

Boxx, Shannon

Buehler, Rachel

Cheney, Lauren

Dunn, Crystal

Engen, Whitney

Harris, Ashlyn

Heath, Tobin

Klingenberg, Meghan

Krieger, Ali

Leroux, Sydney

Lindsey, Lori

Lloyd, Carli

Loyden, Jill

Mewis, Kristie

Morgan, Alex

O'Hara, Kelley

O'Reilly, Heather

Press, Christen

Rampone, Christie

Rapinoe, Megan

Sauerbrunn, Becky

Solo, Hope

Wambach, Abby