2013 re watch


So i just (re)watched 2013 EXO Happy Camp bcs im a masochist, i love hurting myself by looking back at the old times :)) AND I JUST CANT KEEP THIS FEELS EATING ME UP ALONE so i rly need to make this post. After all, there’s nothing wrong with remembering the good times right? ;u;

Everyone, pls never forget that Suho and Kris declared themselves as mom and dad in front of TV camera. This made KrisHo exo’s official parent.

And pls always be reminded that Kris was a very thoughtful husband and father. When he was asked to choose between his wife (Suho) and his son (Tao), this was his answer:

Although in the end he chose his son bcs the MC was stingy and Tao was a cry baby, he didn’t forget to comfort his wife that they still end up together as a team and look at how Suho got blushed at his sweet sweet hubby >//<

Tao was indeed their most frustrating son (although Suho chose Sehun as his most whiny child). It was proven when almost all of the members (except Chen, Luhan, Lay, and Kyungsoo) raised their hands to approve that they ever got stuck in the bathroom to accompany him showering.

It means Xiumin, Sehun, Kai, Suho, Kris, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol had seen Huang Zitao naked thank you so much.

As a mother of this family, Suho was kind of afraid of many things and IT WAS A VERY EMOTIONAL MOMENT when he overcame his fear and trust everything to this family and throw himself to their embrace T.T

Speaking of embrace can we talk abt how the eldest sons of this family hugging each other’s life like there’s no tomorrow. This’ one of tons issues of this family. The sons just cant help being thirsty towards each other. Just look at how manly Top!Lu carrying a clingy and overjoyed Baozi in that XiuHan bridal style. 

Oh, there’s also a slight!angst in this happy family camp. It’s when another couple sons finally showed their interest towards each other blatantly that they wanted to be together but fate (again MC is the God in this program) separated them in the end. Poor BaekYeol.

Despite the slight!angst and the controversy, their story had been always all breathtakingly hilarious and stupidly beautiful like an impossible rainbow in the middle of a sunny day

So pls do not ever forget once upon a time there were 12 happy souls in this family and they were so happy and that’s what important :’)