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Out of Range

Out of Range (2013)

And in the places you go
You’ll find these people you know
All sewing patterns into clothing that you’ve called your own
And in these smaller designs
There’s something larger you might find
That people’s hands have worked together to make up the parts of you.

(Translation) Seiyuu JUNON Vol. 4, 10.15.2016 - Eguchi Takuya


Previously, I have translated the interview of other voice actors from the said issue. Please click the following to view them:

Aoi Shouta

Umehara Yuuichiro

Eguchi Takuya: CHALLENGER

He lives to do what he likes. Betting his life, he challenges himself to be recognized. A cool man who is ready to face unknown trials.

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found it! i do love me some concrete data so:

June 5th, 2013: ID ranges from #20 to #2235
June 6th, 2013: ID ranges from #2236 to #2551
June 7th, 2013: ID ranges from #2554 to #2696
June 8th, 2013: ID ranges from #2697 to #12452
June 9th, 2013: ID ranges from #12453 to #17537
June 10th, 2013: ID ranges from #17539 to #21064

any and all gaps are to account for exalted dragons, where I can’t be sure which day it was so I defer to the next non-exalted dragon.


“Almost Home” is the main track from the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures film Oz the Great and Powerful. Commissioned by Disney, Simone Porter, Justin Gray, and Lindsey Ray wrote the bulk of the record. When Carey signed on to sing the song, she and Stargate’s Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen would later change it a bit and ultimately, complete it. On February 6, 2013, it was announced that Mariah Carey had recorded the song for the Disney film with production team Stargate, and that it would be released through digital download on February 19, 2013. Mariah Carey’s vocal range spans 3 octaves from low note of Bb2 to the whistle note of F#6. It reached #1 on the US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart (Billboard)

Celebrating 2 years of Almost Home


Natural Hair Accessories


Price Range: $50

SoTribal is a Brooklyn, NewYork based brand.  The creator is  Ibro Bawa, a British born Nigerian. The creation blends Ankara designs and fashionable sweatshirts/shirts/ and accessories of that sort. They were created November of 2013. The line price range is around $50.00 per sweatshirt. Not a lot of option in terms of design. But I’m drooling for these sweatshirt, guys.

You can find them on ETSY

anonymous asked:

Is there still voter suppression today? If so (I wouldn't be surprised if there was), how are we fighting to change that?

Michelle Lee: Voter suppression tactics are still, unfortunately a tool that many use to gain or keep power in our democracy. In 2008 and 2012 increased minority turnout made a huge difference in our elections. African American women’s turnout was the highest of any other demographic at more than 70% in 2012. This increased participation led to the election of the first black president. Since then there have been an unprecedented number of laws proposed by Republican led legislatures. One study shows that some of those measures have worked. There are however efforts to make sure that voters rights are protected. There are challenges in the court systems, voter registration drives and organizations that continue to make sure that accurate information is available to voters. Here is more information on voter protections programs.

William Wan: Really great question! And a very tough one to answer. In fact, I spent almost three weeks down in North Carolina on an investigative story trying to answer it. And I came to the conclusion that yes, in this particular instance in North Carolina, evidence certainly pointed toward an attempt at voter suppression.  in some places and situations, attempts at voter suppression are still happening today.

Some may look at the recent laws by Republicans — efforts like requiring voter ID, reducing early voting, eliminating same-day registration — and buy into the argument that this is about preventing voter fraud (even though studies show voter fraud is virtually nonexistent). Others would say, it’s just politics — what party doesn’t try to pass laws that skew results in its favor?

But I waded through thousands of pages of court documents and talked to almost every major GOP lawmaker involved in passing this particular voting law.  that sure looked like it was specifically targeting black voters to make it harder for them to vote. And The law and the way they crafted it sure looked like an attempt to specifically target black voters to make it harder for them to vote. And what swayed me most were the emails I found from Republican lawmakers parsing through racial voting data even as they were crafting this law a law that could make it harder for certain racial groups to vote. Emails that read like this:

“Is there any way to get a breakdown of the 2008 voter turnout, by race (white and black) and type of vote (early and Election Day)?” a staffer for the state’s Republican-controlled legislature asked in January 2012.

“Is there no category for ‘Hispanic’ voter?” a GOP lawmaker asked in March 2013 after requesting a range of data, including how many voters cast ballots outside their precinct.

And in April 2013, a top aide to the Republican House speaker asked for “a breakdown, by race, of those registered voters in your database that do not have a driver’s license number.”

I came into it as a complete outsider, with no dog in the fight. And I have to say, from what I saw, the evidence pointing to deliberate attempts to suppress voting — at least in this one state — was fairly damning. You can read more about our investigation into that voter ID law here: “Inside the Republican creation of the North Carolina voting bill dubbed the ‘monster’ law”


Asteroid Impacts on Earth More Powerful than Nuclear Bomb

Between 2000 and 2013, 26 explosions ranging from 1-600 kilotons have been detected by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization’s network of sensors. The bomb that decimated Hiroshima had an energy equivalent of 15 kilotons.