2013 outfits


I’m fine

This Is Us Premiere (2013)//Dunkirk Premiere (2017)


Dear our ever strong Kim Junmyeon,

Thank you for being EXO and EXO-L’s leader all these years. You have persevered through the hardest times and have celebrated the happiest times with all of us. You have remained our strength and the force that unifies us no matter what obstacles we may face. You watch over us as EXO’s guardian, keeping us safe and making sure we are always happy and healthy. On this day of all special days, we can only hope to give you as much love and support that you have given us over all these years. You are the most wonderful bunny leader and we are so blessed to have a soul like yours accompany us through life.

Happy Birthday to our Pride and Strength (05.22)


“[The Winter Soldier] is still the same guy, but with some new things. That’s the same dude, but - at the same time - he’s not”.                                                                                             - Sebastian Stan (and his amazing hair) trying to make a point. [x]

for angiecrters​, “the only awkward white boy you need”