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In my opinion, when One Direction (usually Liam) have spoken about control, they aren’t talking about public actions, promotional strategies, and publicity. They are speaking about artistic control and the creative process—songwriting, production—their sound. Did they have more and more writing and involvement with each of their albums? Yes. And it’s extremely important to them. They didn’t get to choose their singles, though. (Consider, too, did they choose their merch? Were they eager to release yet anotherwas it the fourth??—perfume? Or a 1D make-up line? No.)

30 October 2012

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Some wise words from Nino

When something new is about to begin, it means that the end will someday come. But I don’t want to think about the end when it has just begun. - 2009 Jan Issue/ No. 1

If I want to meet a newer version of myself, I don’t have to go out on a self discovery trip or anything. The moment you think that way, aren’t you already meeting…? Your newer self, that is. - 2009 Apr Issue/ No. 4

The choices you make on a daily basis help shape your character and your life. That’s why I want to make the best choice in every moment, as much as possible. - 2009 Aug Issue/ No. 8

In general a man and a woman will never be able to fully understand each other. It’s not really a matter of a man and a woman, but more of a human and a human. To connect with someone isn’t that easy. -2010 July Issue/ No. 19

I really don’t have any worries regarding my work or private life. It’s probably because I know that I have a lot of “answers.” You have to believe in yourself and just do it as you feel. -2011 Aug Issue/ No. 32

I’ve never thought that gaming is a waste of time or that I should use that time to study more. Panicking that you have to do something useful… isn’t that time to think a bigger waste of time? -2011 Sept Issue/ No. 33

When you admire “someone” and aim to become like them, you start to loose “yourself” in exchange. They are perfect because they are they. If you start aiming “you”, then you might even be able to surpass them. -2012 Mar Issue/ No. 39

“To celebrate” and “to tell” are different things. If you want to celebrate someone, you can do it alone by just thinking of them in your heart. -2013 Jan Issue/ No.49

I know it myself that I can’t be Arashi forever. But even so, I love Arashi and I don’t want to end it. That’s why I live today. -2013 Sept Issue/ No. 57

Beginnings and endings occur daily. I don’t try to remember the people who have left my world. I focus on the people and things that are in front of me because I believe that enjoying the present is what’s most important. -2013 Nov Issue/ No. 59

I don’t want the girl who I like to show me her everything. Say that there’s something I want to know about her, but she will never tell me. I think there’s something beautiful about that. -2014 Sept Issue/ No. 69

When I work with someone, I tell them, “Don’t say ‘Let’s just–’ and please explain to me properly.” I think that’s what it means to be face to face with another person and do work together. -2015 Feb Issue/ No. 84

We never know what will happen tomorrow. That’s why I am grateful that I am still Arashi today. -2016 Apr Issue/ No. 88

I want the award not for myself, but for my fans and the people who have supported me throughout it all. -2016 May Issue/ No. 89

Changing directions (or locations) isn’t necessarily the real challenge. What’s more important is if you have the guts to maintain your lifestyle and keep on doing the things you need to do at the setting you’re already placed in. -2016 Sept Issue/ No. 93

My idea of a “good effort” isn’t about constantly taking on challenges that are not in your field or about overcoming big sufferings. It’s about just doing something and if you discover something that’s fun or do-able, then do those. Make an effort to do those things. -2016 Nov Issue/ No. 95

I don’t hesitate to throw away something that I’m not using. But if it’s something that I use, I will continue to use it even if it breaks because even material things, like people, are “fate” if they came to me. -2016 Dec Issue/ No. 96

What’s important is a real plan than the actual wish. Losing weight or getting married…instead of just wishing for them, it’s important to think beyond that. On what you want to do after those wishes come true.  -2017 Jan Issue/ No. 97

All translated by me. Are there fully translated interviews posted somewhere? These are amazing! Honestly, I don’t read a lot of texts but Nino’s interviews/answers are always so interesting so I would love to give all 99 of them a full read someday… my new years resolution is to read more anyway. These surely count right? ^^; (I only have hard copies of No. 97-99 tho v.v)

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I am going through your blog trying to find key things that make you believe larry and im a bit overwhelmed. Could you maybe explain a bit more? Im starting to think larry is a thing but im not sure yet. I need more evidence you know?

Okay. Let’s do this. I am going to link you to masterposts and analysis over the years. You can see for yourself then. :)

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