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“Breaking Bad is one of the great shows of television’s Golden Age. Simply put, there’s no more unpredictable series and its delicate handling of combustible ingredients will be admired and studied by writers for years to come. It’s a radical type of television and also a very strange kind of must-watch: a show that you dread and crave at the same time.”

“¿Why do you ship Larry?”

Because I believe in love.

(I feel a bad person after do this. My heart is broken into pieces.)


David Duchovny warms shivering Gillian Anderson with his jacket, NYCC Oct 2013 💕 😍

It’s a protective, sexy, ownership gesture.

Lending you his [jacket] says ‘what’s mine is yours’, something that’s been close to their skin is now close to yours (and vice versa when you give it back).

It smelled of him to begin with; it’ll smell of you when you return it. Plus, it links you: he has to hang around to get it back.”

~ Extract from ’Superflirt’ by Tracey Cox  

(I don’t think we need a Psychologist to interpret the sheer delight on Gillian’s face. Aww!)   [source: linked in my Gillovny Videos post]