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Lauren J. Brasil on Twitter
“VÍDEO | Lauren durante o #BeautyconNYC (via @katiedelikat) https://t.co/fiD6YzWt8x”

Let’s talk about this.

I understand how difficult was to her to have fans telling that she was bi and this really hurts me now that I’m thinking that she was so young when all these things happened. The point is… she’s asking in the video: “how you even see that?”… guess what: CAMREN! The fans saw C-A-M-R-E-N! The fans saw how you used to look at Camila…and how Camila used to look at you. And when you two started to deny it just get worst and worst. Every person with good sense of perception saw Camren happening right in front of their eyes. That’s why all your fans knew that you were at least bisexual…and also Camila.

To me, that’s a really important part of our big Camren puzzle. That’s why she used to get mad when people called her bisexual… now we know that she took some time to accept herself… okay! So…what about Camila? Lauren wasn’t with Lucy and I’m 100% sure of it…because I’m drawing for 2 months a Camren timeline (the post is too long and is not ready yet) but I can advance something-> 2012, 2013, 2014 Lauren always called Lucy like best friend or sister and I’m pretty sure that Lauren and Lucy did not even saw each other in 2014 and I’m gonna tell you why I know that. I’ve been searching for information everywhere. In 2014 there are no NEW pictures of Lucy and Lauren on their social medias, just old pictures of them saying they miss each other. Plus… Lucy moved from Miami in 2013 and just saw Lauren in 2015 again.

Now that’s what I’ve been thinking…

Camila met Lauren in 2012 on X-Factor, they fell in love, they took to long to accept that. Lauren didn’t accept her sexuality, but still in love with Camila. They had problems with management when they started to date and we know they were toxic for each other… we heard it from Lauren talking about “No Way” that is clearly CAMREN!

I think they had something serious until Lucy get back in 2015 and Lauren maybe felt something… or wanted to try something she felt in the past (before she met Camila / maybe thinking that they were soulmates). That’s why I think LAUCY was not PR. I used to think that was, but I don’t think that anymore because Camila is not faking these feelings. Now we know that she was really sad.. and was not just because of her Fifth Harmony departure… I have Questions screams LOVE relationship and nothing more.

You don’t have to be too smart to see their timeline.

We just don’t understand YET who hurt whom… because Lauren seemed really hurt months ago too.

We’re fitting these pieces one by one.

Soon our puzzle will be complete!

I believe.

ps. the Timeline post is really too long… I don’t know if I’m capable of finishing it, but it’s in my draft…and I’m drawing with tiny little details.

anonymous asked:

OK but imagine Harry shirtless with only tiny briefs in his body just like when he was at the yacht with the other 1D boys in Miami in 2013 you remember? and the missus just with his Hawaiian shirt with nothing underneath and a pair of bikini bottom and they are in his private yacht far in the Caribbean Ocean and Harry takes candids pics of her and they just are chilling and a lot kisses and cheeky touches

Yeah. Alright. I think me and you need to have a serious talk, Anon… This is not okay. This made me so weak and that is NOT okay. Far from okay. Fuck you.. Not really.. I love you. This is one of my many fantasies, too. So, you’ve overstepped here. 

His sun-kissed skin on show as he strolls the yacht in just a pair of grey briefs, cock outlined in the cotton, sunglasses on his face with another pair pushing his hair back, fresh from a nap so he’s still a little groggy with bleary eyes, stumbling across the decking and catching the tips of his toes on the wood every time he took a step. Walking around with his camera in his hand, looking at the surroundings to see what would be a good photo opportunity, the strap hanging down and tickling the back of his knee, a little wobbly on his legs with the bobbing motion of the boat on the sea. And he sees her sat in one of the padded chairs facing away from him as she looks out across the sea, dressed in his red Hawaiian shirt, buttons only half done up so he can see a little side-boob from between the flaps, feet kicked up on the railings.

And he takes that opportunity to take a few photos of her. Being careful not to stun her because she just looks so peaceful and comfortable and relaxed in the sunset that’s happening in the horizon. Painting her skin in the most perfect colour, that makes his belly flutter and his pants a little tighter. Bringing the lens window to his eyes before snapping a few shots, candidly, trying to capture the perfectly decorated sky in background. Silhouette shots coming out as well as ones that were solely focused on her as she lounged ahead of him.

He scuffs over to her, resting his hands on her shoulders and hunching over her figure, grinning at her before giving her a soft kiss on her lips. Her hands snaking into his hair.

“You’re awake! Sleep good?”

“Hmm. A little,” he murmurs tiredly, straightening up before shuffling around the chair and sliding into the small gap beside her, hooking a leg over her body and rest his head on her chest, “missed you. Could’a woken me up.”

“You look too peaceful when you sleep that I couldn’t do that to you,” she hums, lips buried into his hair as she presses kisses to his scalp, “you deserve a good sleep anyway, Harry. You’ve been working way too hard right now.”

“This trip, s’been great. Love spendin’ time wi’ you,” he whispers, looking up at her with adoration and love behind his green orbs, “s’pecially when we’re the only two around. Get to love you so much when no ones around. Not that m’ever ashamed o’ yeh. Love lovin’ yeh so much when we’re around people. But, s’so much better when s’just me and you,” he presses a kiss to the swell of her breast, inhaling the delicious mixed scent that covered her body in the thinning sheen; suncream that he’d rubbed over her skin, sea-water that clung to her when they’d taken a dip that morning, and her flowery perfume that she never left the bedroom without spritzing on. “Love yeh.”

“Love you, too.”

“Wha’ happened to yeh top?” He asks cheekily, nudging his nose into her breast. His warm breath fanning over her skin.

“It’s dryin’. Why?”

“Thought you were invitin’ me in to give ‘em some love,” he smirks, his kisses turning into open-mouthed nibbles as he suckles on the flesh, “can’t wait to get yeh in bed so we can properly rock this boat.” xx