2013 london fashion week

This Day in 1D History - September 21


  • the boys are seated with James Corden and Nick at the GQ London Fashion Week dinner (AND GRYLES IS BORN)!!


  • up and coming French photographer Harry Styles makes his way through the airport (lmao)


  • Eleanor shares a snap of her and Louis kicking back 😎😎
  • Where We Are Tour concert – San Antonio, USA


  • 1D (FINALLY) join snapchat!!!
  • Harry steps out with a splash at the Love Magazine/Miu Miu London Fashion Week party!

anonymous asked:

If it wasn't for Caroline Watson Harry wouldn't even of been the 'style icon' he was dubbed (I wouldn't call him that nowadays) but she dressed them from 2012-2015 and Harry wouldn't of been invited to those London fashion weeks and awards back in 2013/2014 without her help, take a look at how he dressed 2010/2011 he really doesn't have much sense of fashion I think he just had a great stylist back then