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“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

*short* Lee JongSuk Appreciation

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I just want to take some time to really just appreciate the angel who is Lee JongSuk and some of the things we love about him.

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1. First of all, can we just talk about his smile? This boy’s smile is a ray of sunshine.

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2. Lip bites. It’s almost as he knows how to make every fangirl’s ovaries explode.

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3. JongBin. Lee JongSuk and Kim WooBin are literally the definition of bromance. Sometimes their fondness of each other makes us think that it’s something more, but I’ve been told it isn’t. Could’ve fooled me.

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Things I Have Learned Since Watching KDrama

1. The first male lead is always selfish , rude but no matter how he is , he will always get the girl .

2. The female lead is always poor and but has the best cellphone .

3. The female lead always have two cute friend who are also poor .

4. The second male lead will always be caring , supportive and will always find the female lead when something extreme happens but no matter how perfect and caring he is , he will never get the girl .

5. The Second male leads always has family issues and always ends up fixing it .

6. First Kiss is soo important .

7. Mostly every couple are childhood lovers .

8. Evil rich mothers are everywhere

9. There’s always last minute concussion where the female lead or the male lead forget eachother and end up trusting someone they just met .

10. You can storm out of a restaurant if you are angry with out paying .

11. The first male is always good at everything but does not have a good personality .

12. The female lead always looks ugly but transforms herself into this beautiful butterfly in the end of the Drama .