2013 is gonna be a great year

i don’t want to be rude, but it makes laugh when people say that Teen Top aren’t legendary? Like honestly they accomplished so much for a group coming from an agency that literally started with them, their agency is just bad at promoting them and you only care about popular and new groups tbh

The term “knife-like choreography” was invented for them, not for Infinite or SHINee (who are amazing dancers btw I love them so much), it pisses me off so much when they’re not even mentionned in best dancers because they are some of the best dancers, Changjo was in the TOP 10 best kpop dancers, they have some of the hardest dances in Kpop so excuse me but seeing some groups whose choreography is not even that hard compared to Teen Top, Infinite or SHINee is seriously sad.

They were one of the very first groups to have an European tour in 2013, even bigger groups from bigger agencies haven’t done it yet, that’s huge. 

Supa Luv was the promotional song for Beastly in Asia and that was less than ONE year after their debut, how is that not legendary? How can you look at them and say that they do not deserves as much respect as other older groups just because YOU don’t know them? Just because you don’t take the time to explore KPop and think that only groups who have millions and millions of views are great you think no one knows about them?

The weirdest $40 I ever made (aka “MOGAI Tumblr broke into my house and purchased my inside jokes for $18.95 a piece”):

This is a long and winding tale, so buckle in everyone. We’re gonna take a journey today.

First, I’d like to take you back to tumblr in 2013. I know, I don’t want to revisit it either, but at some point we all have to face the 10 pages of posts tagged “#wank for ts” that lie in the depths of our archives.


It was fall of 2013, and I was doing great. It was my first year of high school and I didn’t have many school friends, but I was a pseudo-member of a gang of 20 some-odd college students from twitter and tumblr who loved Les Mis. We called ourselves the “angry queers” and spent literal MONTHS of our lives arguing with enjonine (Enjolras/Eponine) shippers. We were like, so cool, you guys.

One day in October, the topic of matching #squad outfits came up on the angry queer twitter feed. Me, being desperate for attention and validation from these people who were all a good 4-5 years older than me, decided to made these shirts on zazzle:

(Side-note: the second shirt is a reference to Kat prousts​, who had recently gained meme status after telling everyone the story of how she accidentally broke two completely separate dicks on completely separate occasions.)

I screencapped pictures of the shirts and posted them to twitter with a (half-joking) call to arms:

As you can see, the reviews were raving, so I submitted the shirt to zazzle officially for sale, and then promptly forgot about it for 2 years. 

Eventually, time passed and people moved on. In what now strikes me as an egregiously overdramatic reaction, I had a dramatic falling out with the angry queer #squad and was blocked by 50+ people over various social media platforms in less than 24 hours. So our transatlantic zazzle poetry gang was not going strong.

That brings us to one fateful day in spring 2015. I logged in to my old email account to look for a school document, only to find that I had been receiving emails from zazzle for the better part of two years:

Notice at the top of the page, there are FOURTY-ONE emails from zazzle about “recent sales”. The earliest one appears to be from march 2014:

To my horror and extreme fascination, literally dozens of people spent 20 bucks on what was essentially a shitpost from 2013. 

Not only that, they had seen that there were only two shirts for sale, one of them reading “KAT BROKE TWO PENISES”, and they STILL decided to shell out the money for it.

Since then, I’ve received an average of two emails every month letting me know that someone had purchased my design. it became kind of a running joke between me and my new group of friends.

Some of you might not have been familiar with the Les Mis fandom, so I’ll try and put this context for you: Imagine if you found out that all the terrible Invader Zim art you published to deviant-art in 2009 was being sold as physical prints, and people were paying good money to hang up your past shame in their house. That’s what this felt like.

As the classic Passover folk tune reminds us, if God had JUST made a random one-off joke viral, then dayeinu, it would have been enough. But He didn’t stop there. In a twist of fate so bizarre it seems orchestrated by Hugo himself, I recently moved 2000 miles across the country, got a tinder, and stumbled across this profile:

At this point, I’m flipping shit. Someone just basically used MY CREATION as a means of (indirectly) flirting with ME. Thus, the ourboros is moved from itself to itself, sees itself, and is present with itself.

Obviously, I swiped right, and the next day I received a message from the heavens:

At last, I had met my maker. I can’t explain how it feels to talk to the very person responsible for your super villain origin story, but I sincerely hope each one of you will one day experience it.

Inspired by this recent turn of events, I decided to check my zazzle account, and lo and behold, found out I had been receiving royalties for my design this entire time!

Zazzle.com usually doesn’t send checks out until $100 of royalties have been earned, but I paid $5 just for the sheer novelty of getting a check addressed to “Angry Queer Apparel”, which I look forward to receiving in 3-5 business days.

So: to the 31 Americans, 13 Brits, 1 Australian, 1 Canadian, and 1 Eurozone citizen who purchased my design; thank you for the 35 bucks!

POKEDDEXY DAY 31: All-Time Favorite

I DID IT. I ACTUALLY FINISHED A CHALLENGE. I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. ;w; But yes! Happy New Year to everyone around the world! To those who are in 2014, I wish you a great year! For those who are still in 2013 like me, let’s hope 2014 will be awesome! Lugia’s here to celebrate with some sparkling cider, because that stuff’s delicious. UvU

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The little show that got so far.
Just like the cast said today, there isn’t a greater two than David and Emily.
They have been the center, the glue keeping all together.
You don’t get this far on a show without people like both of them, that love and are committed to a show even more than we are. That’s why Bones always worked. In this 11 years, they gave everything and we should be so grateful.
I’m grateful and proud to say that here are two of the people that I will always carry with me in my heart.
And, just like a great human being said today, we went to war and we’re gonna come out with the flag high. And that is the reward for everyone’s hard work and commitment.
(also David seems to have the same shirt since 2005 and probably lost it in 2010)


hey taylorswift this is me and my selfie spam for you <3333 my name is millie and I love you SO much, (great amounts) you have done sooooo much for me I don’t think you can imagine (I hope I get to tell you in person about 2013 soon and how it was a bad year for both of us I just don’t wanna make you cry cause im gonna cry on your shoulder! look forward to it, whenever it may be)
I’m seeing you twice in june! (24th and 27th, just a heads up see u there)
well I also love sam claflin and I think you guys should meet. just saying. I HAVE A QUESTION HAVE YOU SEEN LOVE, ROSIE?! if you haven’t you NEED to its my favourite movie in the world and the book is spectacular ok alright bye


So gonna miss 2013 such a great year! <3

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I think my 2015 can be summed up by that limbo state you get in when you’ve been driving for hours, You’re not asleep but you’re not really awake. Or the day before a concert, running on fumes and anticipation.  Miles and miles of empty, endless roads. Lulling conversations whispered into the night, just above the hum of the engine. 2015 brought me great music, great people, and an overwhelming sense of adventure. 2015 is the final moments of a concert..the time wedged in between the last note and the bow, when the confetti is falling and your ears are ringing and you’re grinning from ear to ear because you’re just so alive. My 2015 was my best year yet and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.

It's New Years; What Are You Waiting For?

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/vxEZbxjjHAo

Remember December 12, 2012? When you told yourself that by the end of this year, you were going to have it all figured out? That by the end of this year you were going to be completely without a doubt and your path was gonna be clear and your future was gonna be easy and love was gonna be near and your back was gonna be breezy, from the wind at it? do you remember that?

Me neither. So come on from all that. After all, it’s gonna be 2014.

Like an explosion of possibility.
Like a reborn reality.
Like a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, two-thousand, fourteenth chance.
God damn.

We’ve all got it, this year,
all those thing that we said that we’d be,
we’ve got it, this year,
I’ll be bold and I’ll be in love and I’ll be 23.

isn’t this the same schtick that we planned but were wrong? 
isn’t this the same old damn December 31 song? 
what did I do this year, was I even awake?
what kind of time did I spend? what kind of dreams did I chase? 

2013 was great. 
It was the best of our lives,
and of these things I am sure: 

Some people are gonna fall in love.
Some people are gonna fall out of it.

Some friend out there will be Jesus,
Some friend will be Judas Iscariot.

Some one will come in our lives and change everything,
even if we’re not aware of it,

But just know that this year will belong to the people 
who decide that they’re not gonna be scared of it.

We’ve got it, what are you waiting for? 

Happy 2014.


hey taylorswift this is me and my selfie spam for you <3333 my name is millie and I love you SO much, (great amounts) you have done sooooo much for me I don’t think you can imagine (I hope I get to tell you in person about 2013 soon and how it was a bad year for both of us I just don’t wanna make you cry cause im gonna cry on your shoulder! look forward to it, whenever it may be)
I’m seeing you twice in june! (24th and 27th, just a heads up see u there)
well I also love sam claflin and I think you guys should meet. just saying.
I HAVE A QUESTION HAVE YOU SEEN LOVE, ROSIE?! if you haven’t you NEED to its my favourite movie in the world and the book is spectacular ok alright bye


Happy New Year, Victims!!

2013 is ending so i want to thank you all Victims for this wonderful year in this site! The fandom had their turbulences, but i tried keep me to one side of those turbulences. So i can take the good things from the fandom this year! I want to dedicate this post especially to Wenn, Monica,Miriam, Adela and Ceci for making me laugh, for making me smile with your posts! And i love talk to you, girls! I think you’re great Victims and i can’t wait to meet you all someday soon! <3 <3 You’re the sweetest peaches!
But this post is dedicated to everyone here, anyway! :) Thanks for liking my blog and my posts (Sometimes they were shitty posts lol) When i’m a bad mood, i come here and my mood change totally! This happened to me a lot this year. So thank you, and thanks for this 2013 and my best wishes for you all. Have a wonderful new year! And let’s gonna pray for something new of one of our boys! This is the last sentimental post for now lol. Love you all! Sofia xx

things I have learned from one (1) year of not being in an abusive relationship, as of today

(disclaimer that these are my personal experiences and may not line up with yours or anybody else’s. your mileage will vary.)

-you have a lot more free time. that was the first thing that hit me and maybe that’s weird, but tiptoeing around an abuser is like a full-time job, keeping them happy and worrying about their tantrums. I had so much free time this year.

-your teeth grow back, or grow in. if you’ve never learned how to be ruthless before, you have to do it now. when you find the strength to walk out, they will not get out of your way. you have to push. it’s scary. 

-remembering the relationship sometimes feels like watching one of those horror movies and you’re yelling at the screen NO DON’T GO INTO THE HOUSE, you’re yelling at the screen WHY DID YOU LET HIM DO THAT, you’re yelling WHY DID YOU THINK THAT WAS OKAY

-forgive your past self. she deserves it. 

-I didn’t know how to be angry before, not properly. I was never taught. I was taught to fold myself inward. I know how to be angry now. At first it was exciting and now it’s exhausting but at least it’s a tool I can access. 

-you didn’t even realize how afraid you were before. you were so afraid all the time that your baseline got all fucked up. you are a fish with no word for water. 

-the most frustrating thing, a year later, is when you’re still afraid. when you get a text message and you panic automatically I’m in trouble I’m gonna get it before you remember that it’s 2013 and whoever’s texting you, it’s going to be okay. 

-the scariest things he did are completely impossible to explain to normal people in a way that communicates how scary they were. 

-people will say really stupid shit. 

-some people will be REALLY AWESOME, like, unexpectedly awesome. some people have got your back. they are great. some people are great. 

-some people will Just Not Get It and that will hurt more than you think.

-you will remember some of the scary things just well enough to be scared of them but not well enough to remember exactly what actually happened and that will suck a lot. 

-you will be triggered by a bunch of stupid shit. the TV show he liked. hole punchers. old poems.  

-even a year later some days will suck. people will say “it’s been a year,” like that means you should be over it, but you aren’t. that’s okay. forgive yourself. 

-some people love you without wanting to eat you up. 

-sometimes I feel so free and so great. just fucking exulting in the world I live in now, surrounded by good people and doing work that matters to me. sometimes I feel like I could fly. 

I have just been posting outfits over here but here are some stuff going on in my life at the moment.

-I’m working on some clothing for our fashion show we are arranging in school! 
-I’m graduating in about a month!!
-I’m getting a kitten in June!! I have been wanting a cat since forever, I’m so happy about it! his name is going to be Hiro and he is the cutest little kitten ever! (ok all kittens are the cutest ever haha)
-Me and my close friends have booked tickets for Japan so we will go there on the 25th october and stay until the 15th november! So exited!! 
DREAM COMING TRUE, FINALLY! I’m gonna eat all the food and sweets and shop until i i drop!

2014 is a great year so far,  much better than 2013 haha!
Just a little random text post from me hugs to you all (๑・ω- )~♡

FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS (never-ending list of...)
    → 99. LET ME GO by Gary Barlow [x]
Year: 2013
Single Released: 15 November 2013
Album: Since I Saw You Last.
Writer/s: Gary Barlow.

“A head full of madness
And nowhere’s safe
When tears aren’t big enough
And love turns into hate
It’s a life alone
And a desperate need
To be held, to be loved so
This is gonna take a bit of getting used to but I know what’s right for you”


2013 - 2014 - 2015

I’m gonna talk a bit about my experience if that’s alright.
I remember in the 8th grade I would write in my journal about how I never felt like I had a gender, I remember I wrote in a poem about myself “It doesn’t feel right to give it a gender, it doesn’t feel right to give it a name”.
Well, by 9th grade, I had discovered that I am agender, and it’s been a year now and I’m comfortable with that. Things aren’t great, but I think I’m becoming more comfortable with myself and the person I want to be.
I’m 15 right now, I’ll be 16 next month. My name is Speedwagon, and I hope to be an interior designer when I grow up.
Good luck to you guys, I think we can make it somewhere in the world someday, happy Trans Day of Visibility.

HAPPY 2014!!!!!! Have a happy new year ahead with beagle line and beagles hehehe!!!!!

Just wanted to thank all the old and new followers for all the love hehehe!!!! 2013 was a crazy year but I am totally happy and enjoyed it so much u////u college is gonna end soon hoho can’t wait but finals are less then 2 weeks away….

2013 was exo year hoho!!! And will still be for years to come!!! So yeap thank u everyone for following this fangirl potato’s blog!!! As well as all the lovely comments ;////; wishing everyone a great 2014 and fightoooo!!!!!