2013 haul

Phil liveshow recommendations (3)

From basically early 2013 and 2012
be ready to learn some new things about Phil you may have never known before.

Dan’s recommendations 

January 5, 2013
Christmas haul, the process of Phil helping Dan choose a thumbnail (entertaining), going through “beds” or backing soundtracks for the radio show,  “what the fuck are you doing?” “making a constellation on my face” “of course you are”, he plays Crash Bandicoot music and gets super nostalgic

August 4th, 2012
~THE DARK PHIL RISES~, his room is a mess, his mum rings, old school photos, “why do parents dress their children in fleeces?”, he was starstruck when he first met Jenna Marbles, Dan’s pants are sagging and he’s holding Jenga

February 23, 2013
He’s got his coffee and dry Cookie Crisp (yass it’s the best I will fight you who says otherwise), HE SHAVES HIS FACE, drawing on a balloon, “in this world of flirting and dating just get a bag of starmix and be happy” Dan wants to go on a date with Ringo, they then play with sparklers.

December 1, 2012
~IT’S DECEMBER~, their neighbors across the street are staring into their house, “I deserve my privacy, #creepsters”, Dan and Phil open their advent calendars, what Santa used to do when they were children, “Your mum?? what you talking about?” “oh SANTA brings in my stocking still” (so cute), Dan keeps stretching and yawning it’s extremely contagious

April 27, 2013
Phil has gone to the shop and Louis Tomlinson has stopped by, he basically doesn’t like customer service in america vs. england (completely understandable), if they won BBC best radio presenter they promised a Day in the Life (thirsty for those votes boys?)(Spoiler from the future they did win), Phil killed a guy, “stop saying cat porn!”

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