2013 gigs


Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Chrome Bomber was first used live on 13th of May 2006 at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, and is featured in the music video for Knights of Cydonia. It’s similar to Manson Bomber, but with slight adjustments, and it has a different, clearer chrome coating.

Up until the Detroit gig in 2013 during The 2nd Law Tour, the guitar was used live only for Knights of Cydonia and was then reduced to a backup in preference of the Manson Ali Top, but on May 8th 2015 at the Webster theatre gig in New York it was also used during Bliss and Hysteria.

I don’t often post my band photography on my tumblr as it’s taken for memories sake, not to put online. But. MUSE are my favourite band (in the world, forever and for all time). This Sunday, the 3rd April marks the start of a Spring / Summer of travel, close friends, insane and brilliant queueing and general MUSE malarky for me. This will the 7th tour I’ve seen multiple shows on. I’m going to a stupid number of gigs in *nine* countries this year. Madness. I totally and utterly adore them. (Matthew Bellamy, MUSE. Emirates Stadium, London, UK. Day One, May 2013.)

I love how Lily might have introduced Taylor and Karlie at the Met Gala in 2011 but then also got Taylor the vsfs gig in 2013 like she’s been hustling to get those two together for a while thank you for your service Lily god bless

I miss Keane
and I miss everything that happened these last 2 weeks
and the wonderful friends I met on those days
and all the fun I had
and running like I never did before
and yell every single song ‘til I had no voice left
and jumping and getting pushed
and end up soaking on my own sweat and sore feet at the end of every show
and laying on the street exhausted before I went home
and waking up the next day aching everywhere 
and getting excited to do it all over again

and I’m clinging to those good times because I don’t want them to fade and be another distant memory

that’s what I’m doing
I don’t want to forget

and it must be the adrenaline still running through me but I feel alive
guess I needed to be shaken up like that

I’m not sad
I’m happy
I’m the happiest ever

Let’s do that again soon.