2013 follow forever coming soon


The end of 2013 is coming soon! My blog has changed a LOT in this past year, and so thank you so much to all the people still following me through the shifts ((seriously omg thank you so much!!)) Also, thank you so much to all the blogs I’m following! Without them, my dash would be so blank and boring, so thank you so much for making my dash all cute and colorful and stuff!!

((i’m really sorry for the super rushed edit oh my god i honestly didn’t know what else to do for a follow forever but i’ve been promising one literally for at least 3 months now so i figured i’d finally deliver))

I’m so sorry if I follow you but you’re not included in this follow forever post, I was honestly just trying to keep the last as short as possible, but honestly all the blogs I follow I love ((cause I only follow like 90-something blogs right now, so each is really special in my opinion))!!

Crushes are bolded, friends are italicized

altairis | atsush-i | ayanime | chelsymare | chocobunn | goetias | haou | houtarouh | ialicebunny | ikahomine | keyitems | kuuderee | lettea | lilium | m0chizou | maruuji | masshiiro | mizukas | mochichou | natsumes | nuehoujou | nyuun | raisethearminalert | senj0ugahara | snowpoke | starukos | ukyos | utsu-tsu | waifuakashi | watashi-akuma | yukariis | zeino | zetsueen

I look forward to 2014!! hoping itll be so much better than 2013