2013 exhibition

_Julian Lennon and/e Pattie Boyd; United States/Estados Unidos; California/Califórnia; West Hollywood; Morrison Hotel Gallery; Newly Discovered Photo Exhibition/Exposição de fotos Newly Discovered; June 28th 2013/28 de junho de 2013.


Kate as Patron of the London’s National History Museum (NHM)

27 November 2012: Open the Treasures exhibition in the Cadogan Gallery at the NHM, before she became Patron.

11 December 2013: Attend the premiere of David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D at the NHM.

2 July 2014: Make a private visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition with Princes William and George to celebrate the Prince’s first birthday at the NHM.

21 October 2014: Attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the NHM.

22 November 2016: Attend a children’s tea party celebrating the Diplodocus Dippy’s time in Hintze Hall at the NHM.

13 July 2017: Open the new Hintze Hall featuring the new star display –a diving blue whale skeleton- at the NHM.

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“徘徊してて目にしたツイートの『羽生さんが集中してる時にちょっかいだしたらメッチャ怒るって町田さんが言ってた』のこれかな? 2013全日本EXバクステ https://t.co/coH38pA43w”

Whilst watching Yuzuru’s Hana ni Nare backstage:


Daisuke: What if I went in there and started singing?

Nobu: *laughs* Please don’t do that. Especially that, please don’t do it.

Machida: He’ll really get angry at you. If you interrupt him when he’s concentrating like that, he’ll really get angry at you.

Daisuke: Seriously?


- 2013 JPN Nationals Exhibition Backstage

Courtesy of Chrsoprase_1006

I’ve had to remove all of my Tom content from Youtube due to copyright reasons so I’ve uploaded my edits into my google drive.

These are not full films or episodes - just Tom’s scenes so “bitesize” Hiddleston portions if you like.

Plus some appearances on British Television.

Enjoy! (There’s more to come in time, I’ll link this post in a new post)

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Top Gear (9.2.2014 - Star In a Reasonably Priced Car)

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BBC News 24 (4.5.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

BBC News 24 (29.11.2016 - Unisef, South Sudan)

The One Show (1.2.2017 - Kong Skull Island)


Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Muhammed Muheisen

Muhammed Muheisen was born in Jerusalem in 1981 and graduated with a degree in journalism and political science. He is the Associated Press chief photographer for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Muheisen joined the Associated Press in 2001, covering major events in the Middle East, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the funeral of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the capture of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. He spent four years in Pakistan as AP’s chief photographer for that country. Muheisen documented the Yemeni revolution and the Syrian civil war as well as events in Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, France, the Netherlands, New York, Serbia, Greece, and South Africa, including the funeral procession of Nelson Mandela. Most recently he has been documenting the refugee crisis across Europe.

His work has received numerous international awards, including: Two-time Breaking News Pulitzer Prize winner, in 2005 and 2013, for covering the war in Iraq and the civil war in Syria; Picture of the Year for 2007; Time Magazine’s Best Wire Photographer of 2013; and the 2014 Oliver S. Gramling Award for journalism.

Muheisen also won multiple prizes in: the APME News Photos Award, the John L. Dougherty Award, Asia Media Awards, National Headliner Awards, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, Festival Du Scoop, China International Press Photo Contest, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, Sigma Delta Chi Awards, Xposure International Photography Festival Award and the MCF Engaged Journalist Award. He participated in the 2012 World Press Photo Joop Swart Master Class, and served as a jury member in the 2016 Picture of the Year International, the 2015 World Press Photo Joop Swart Master Class and the 2013 Visa d’or award in that year’s Visa pour l’Image exhibition.

Muheisen is a member of the advisory committee for the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award, which is run by the International Women’s Media Foundation, and he’s on the nominating committee selecting the participants for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Master Class. In addition, he’s the founder of the Everyday Refugees project on Twitter.

Among other exhibitions, in 2013 a collection from a decade of Muheisen’s work about life in war was exhibited in the French photo festival Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan, France. In 2014 his work about refugees was exhibited at the Festival des Libertés in Brussels, and work of his covering displaced people was shown in the outdoor photographic exhibition the Fence in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Boston and Houston. Most recently a selection of his work was exhibited at the 2016 Xposure International Photography Festival in Sharjah, UAE. (AP)

See more photos of Muhammed Muheisen’s work and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.