2013 emmy nominations

Benedict Cumberbatch, nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or aMovie for Parade’s End on HBO: "What an amazing honour. I have just landed back in the UK from New Zealand via Japan and am about to board another plane so not sure if this nomination is just the result of too many G+T’s from the drinks Trolly and dreadful jet lag and may not exist in the morning. 

"I was so honoured to work on Parade’s End, to get the chance to get under the skin of such a complex beautifully written character as Tietjens with a script written by the unsurpassable Sir Tom Stoppard and then to get to work on that script with the likes of the incredible Rebecca Hall, Roger Allam and Adelaide Clemens under the eye of the superlative Suzanna White is simply a dream come true for an actor.

"To then receive an Emmy nomination amongst some of my acting heros for having that privilege is beyond thrilling . Thank you.”

Source: 2013 Emmy Nominations: Benedict Cumberbatch, Betty White, Bryan Cranston and More Stars React

Image by Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic on E!

Emmy nominee, Andrew McMahon

@amnthewilderness, via Instagram
“I debated whether or not to post this, but I felt it was important to acknowledge that in the face of what some might consider a loss, I have had the pleasure of being a guest in yet another strange world. You don’t get to visit these places without offering a piece of yourself, you don’t get visit these places without accepting the possibility you may fall short of the grand prize. That said, I am so honored to have been given a seat at the table. Therefore I will deliver the acceptance speech I lied and said I didn’t write.

September 15, 2013
A quick list of amazing people who helped make this happen *My parents, Lin and Brian *My brothers and sisters *Ron Perry, Matt Pincus and Carriane Marshall from SONGS publishing who signed off on this adventure *Jen Ross for her guidance *The fans, cast and crew of Smash especially, Josh Safran, for believing in me and inviting me into the amazing world of Broadway on T.V. *To My Grandmother Barbara who is celebrating her 90th birthday today/ I love you Nan *I accept this honor on behalf of the countless young adults facing the beast that is cancer/ I am living proof that if you keep fighting you can wind up on stages just like this one. *And most importantly to my wife Kelly Ann; You are the voice I hear in my dreams. You have seen me through illness, two bands, 13 years on the road and countless successes and failures. I cannot wait to meet our newborn baby. When they grow up we will be able to tell them they walked the red carpet in their mothers belly on the night their daddy received his very first major award. I love you so much! *Thank You*”

I hate Emmy nomination day.

It’s basically just “let’s give the awards to the same 5 shows in every category and completely ignore every other show.”

Where is Nick Offerman? Where is Chris Pratt? Where is Adam Scott? Where is Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer? Maybe The Office wasn’t quite as amazing as it was years ago, but this was a really good season and they deserve something. And then Parks and Rec never gets nominated for anything even though it’s absolutely hilarious and so well done. Seriously, I’m just done with the Emmys. Every single year.

But congrats to Downton Abbey, at least the Emmy nomination people realize that’s a good show.

What does Parks & Recreation have to do to get nominated for Outstanding Comedy?

Also when will at least Nick Offerman also get nominated? And no Brendan Coyle or Joanne Froggatt this year? Hopefully someone from the Mad Men cast actually wins an Emmy. As much as I love Claire Danes in Homeland, I would love to see Michelle Dockery win. Girl deserves it. I swear the Emmys hate Parks & Recreation.