2013 doodle art


inspiration from @queer-stargazer‘s really cute art!

making the stupid floating took forever ugh

They then proceed to discuss costume plumage until the cab arrives.

Last drawing before the good old traditional one-day Christmas hiatus! I couldn’t possibly not draw these two though, Izzy and Pixie being the biggest celebrities at the ball and all (p.s. if you aren’t already following tanglefootcomic you really need to fix that pronto).

I’m so sorry for my hash of a pencil sketch but I just adore these two *w*

hAHAHA queenmarykatherine’s Paranorman AU oneshot has slain me and I just doodled all over the place, and it’s nOT OUT OF MY SYSTEM YET THIS IS RIDICULOUS.


In 2013 I also kept a personal journal (I call it the Fate? Journal). I had just moved, I was living on my own for the first time, and I was struggling with a long-distance relationship. Here are the first four pages.

View the flip-through video.