2013 disneybounds


Just some of my favorite Disneybounds from last year! I know I’m a bit late to the game but I was so inspired by all the posts, I wanted to join in too. From Lady and the Tramp at Dapper Day to Alice wondering (pun intended) around the parks, I had a great 2013. Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for Disneybounding!

And shout out to Leslie. Thank you so much for creating something not only my boyfriend and I can enjoy, but something everyone of all ages can partake in! :)

This is my new icon photo. I decided to post it. It was taken by @totallypandacoffee during my birthday in November 2013. I was disneybounding as Belle and because of that I had made a little book necklace that featured the story from the movie! The one where the sheep takes a bite out of the page. I was showing Belle the page with the sheep bite. 


Our favorite Disneybounds from 2013!

Happy New Year to all our followers, thank you so much for sharing our adventures with Tumblr!


All my Disneybounds that i got to do on my Disney cruise and parks vacation back in July 2013! Thanks to my job at Delia*s  i got a nice discount and most of my outfits came from there, some also from Target and the accessories were from a bunch of places.  The BOWS are from Magical Ribbons.

Disneybounds: Pocahontas, Slave Jasmine, Jane Porter, Pirates of the Carribbean, Park Ariel, Little Town Belle, and Ellie from Up.

Just a few of my favorite Disneybounds from 2013…
1. Dory - my trip to the Monterey Bay aquarium
2. Mary Poppins & Bert - Saving Mr. Banks
3. Evil Queen - birthday at Disneyland
4. Evil Queen (summer) - for fun :)
5. Queen of Hearts - Dapper Day Disneyland
6. Queen of Hearts & Minnie Mouse - Dapper Day with Leslie!!
7. Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse - trip to the Walt Disney Museum in SF