2013 design

Scattered throughout Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are vistas, benches, and cliff-sides that the two titular characters can rest on. In addition to providing an easy, optional break to gameplay, these benches can also often present a form of foreshadowing, indicating the next location the brothers will go, or where they’ve just come from and the effect they’ve had there.


The individual environments of Yo-Kai Watch are designed to be as reminiscent as possible of real locations. While the player is definitely directed through them depending on how they’re presented, the game tries to make this direction feel natural at every turn. This is in contrast to the bizarre and often out-of-place Yo-Kai the player encounters, and thus they are made that much more interesting when placed against their environment.


The characters of Namco High are all representatives from various game series, many of them from wildly different points in game history. Rather than try to mix these together with a shared art style or personification, the game rather opts to maintain its surreal tone by just presenting each character in a different art style that best matches their game and personality. In doing so, it makes it’s own bizarrely presented cast part of the joke.


designers worn by princess madeleine: elie saab

june 7th, 2013: pre wedding dinner before her wedding to christopher o’neill

june 13th, 2015: wedding of prince carl philip to miss sofia hellqvist

april 30th, 2016: king carl xvi gustaf’s 70th birthday gala dinner

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During the earliest section of The Last of Us, even when the gameplay is still not combat or stealth focused, the level design is still establishing it’s core rules- look for light in stark contrast, yellow/yellow highlights lead to your goal, etc. While the primary intent behind this section is to establish Joel’s character and the backdrop of the larger world, it is no accident that these moments of teaching are so subtly presented as well.


designers worn by princess madeleine: marchesa

april 2nd, 2011: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation in florida

april 5th, 2011: health & human rights awards

may 8th, 2012: gala dinner for the world childhood foundation 

october 3rd, 2012: swedish american chamber of commerce from farm to fork gala dinner

may 11th, 2013: dinner in celebration of the 375th anniversary of the founding of new sweden in delaware 

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