2013 dailies


“You just have to decide what kind of a man you want to grow up to be, Clark; because whoever that man is, good character or bad, he’s… He’s gonna change the world.”

Man of Steel (2013) dir. Zack Snyder

13 years, 23 fragrances 🌸✨ @britneyspears is the Queen of Celebrity Fragrances 👑 New VIP Private Show is coming!
- over 30 million bottles sold ww (Elizabeth Arden, 2009)
- over $1.5 billion grossed ww (MTV, 2012)
- best celebrity fragrances with over $55.4 million annual retail sales (Billboard, 2013)
- 1 bottle is sold ww every 15 seconds (Daily Express, 2013)
- She is the Queen of celebrity fragrances outselling famous brands like Hugo Boss, DKNY or Gucci (Dailymail, 2014)