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The year in Yuri on Ice

Okay, so I wanted to know what the year in Yuri on Ice is. It felt like everyone is just assuming that it would be the current 16/17 season, but while we got several information on the month, we never got the year.

And as it turns out, it’s not 2016.

In the first episode we saw the results of Yuuri’s last Grand Prix Final.

Notice the logo at the top of the results?

It looks like the one from the GPF 2012 in Sochi, only mirror-inverted.

Then, in the latest episode we got another small explanation/recap how the Grand Prix Series works. And we get this logo of the current season:

And this is the logo of the GPF 2013:

Which doesn’t just look like the one in Yuri on Ice, it is the same exact one.

So, Yuri on Ice seems to be set during the 2013/2014 season. It also matches the order of the Cups. The events are not always in the same order, but in 2013 it was this:

  • 2013 Skate America: October  18–20
  • 2013 Skate  Canada: October  25–27
  • 2013 Cup of China: November  1–3
  • 2013 NHK Trophy: November  8–10
  • 2013 Trophée de France: November  15–17
  • 2013 Rostelecom Cup: November  22–24

I guess we could safely assume that this is the time frame for the Cups in the anime too. We didn’t get the date of the Cup of China in the anime, but this means, episode 6 is happening in the beginning of November.

(Edit: Thank you @lazuliblade for the reblog with all the added information. Everyone, check out this reblog for more timeline tidbits.)

Analysis on Luhan’s influence by ELLE China

 1 - The 60 billion won

15 minutes right after the news of Luhan leaving EXO, SM’s stock price dropped around 60 billion won.

2- Talented in all ways
Luhan’s position in EXO were the visual of the group, lead vocalist and lead dancer. Not only that, in ‘Wolf’ drama version, he took the role as the main actor. He later joined the cast of ‘Back to 20′ and got praised for his acting skills. 

3- The 13,162,859 comments
On 19th August, Guinness certified Luhan’s personal Weibo account @M鹿M’s single post with 13,162,859 comments  to enter the Guinness World Records.

4 -  Instagram #3,037,822
Luhan’s tag on Instagram has a total of 3,037,822, which is also the highest among EXO members. 

5 - 600,000+ likes on Facebook
Luhan’s fanpages on Facebook have around 600k likes in total. 

6 - Goal in 6 minutes, 7 goals all-kill
June 2013, in Shanghai “Asian Dream Cup” charity football match between China and Korea, Luhan joined the Shanghai Star team. He was praised by professional player Fan Zhiyi and Shen Han for his football skills. On September of the same year, he joined the Idol Athletics Championship’s futsal game. He made the first goal within 6 minutes after the game started and he’s the only player who scored 2 goals.

7 - Bronze medal for 70m Hurdle 
Janurary 2013, Luhan got a bronze medal for 70m hurdle on Idol Athletics Championship. At the same time, he’s good at playing basketball, table tennis, rudby and other sports.

8 - Rubix Cubes
He can solve a rubix cube within 30 seconds. It used to be his specialty during his debut days, no one was able to beat him. 

9 - 31 million score record on Temple Run
On China Love Big Concert, EXO-M played Temple Run during the recording. 
Tao: 1188
Chen: 35070
Kris: 63118
Xiumin: 77679
Lay: 162976
Luhan: 298893 (He chose to suicide because the audience and MC was telling him ‘Luhan, it’s enough already.’)

10 - The 42,042 yuan Action
Luhan’s fanbases often donate under Luhan’s name. When eathquake happened in Yunnan, Lufan(Luhan’s fans) together donated a total of 42,000 yuan to the victims even though most of the them are students. Unlike other fanbase, Luhan’s fans aren’t doing charity out of the idol’s call out, it’s all their own plan. 

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Best of Tatsuki Machida

2006-2007 EX Find Love (Medalist on Ice 2006)
2008-2009 SP Peach ~ Ashihara Story (National Championships 2008)
2009-2010 EX Happy Feet Medley (Nebelhorn Trophy 2010)
2011-2012 EX Don’t Stop Me Now (Medalist on Ice 2011)
2011-2012 EX Concierto de Aranjuez (Japan Super Challenge 2012)
2011-2012 SP Dark Eyes (Four Continents Championships 2012)
2012-2013 SP F-U-Y-A (Cup of China 2012)
2012-2013 EX Demoiselles De Rochefort (World Skating Exhibition in Osaka 2014)
2013-2014 SP East of Eden (World Championships 2014)
2013-2014 FS Firebird (World Championships 2014)
2013-2014 EX Byakuyako (Medalist on Ice 2013)
2014 EX Je Te Veux (Prince Ice World 2014)
2014-2015 SP Fantasy For Violin & Orchestra (National Championships 2014)
2014-2015 FS Symphony no 9 (Skate America 2014)
2014-2015 EX East of Eden: Celebration (Medalist on Ice 2014)
2015 EX The Inheritor (Prince Ice World 2015)
2016 EX Missing You (Prince Ice World 2016)
2016 EX Ave Maria (Japan Open 2016)

rikuyomi  asked:

While shooting, do any of the bugs or other wildlife you encounter show hostility towards you?

That very much depends on the type of insect of course and on how threatened they feel. I certainly don’t set out to provoke them, but there is no denying a defensive pose or threat display usually makes for a more interesting photo.

I have been stung by Nocturnal Hornets while doing night shooting (see that tumblr post HERE) and I have certainly been intimidated by Predatory Hornets (Vespa velutina) while trying to photograph them and even when not trying to photograph them…..

External image

The Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillars of the Limacodid Cup Moths are passively hostile by default and even the slightest brush against them inflicts a seriously painful sting. This can happen while searching for them amongst foliage or while adjusting the foliage around a subject so as to get a clear shot. I have experienced this many times…..

External image

And the Chalcosiine Day-flying Moth Caterpillars (Zygaenidae) express their displeasure by excreting droplets of cyanide from the tubercles on their skin….

External image

Otherwise, hostility usually takes the form of threat displays which in themselves are harmless but intended to strike fear in my heart and confusion in my mind and send me scurrying away with my tail between my legs…..

External image

External image

External image

I usually try not to handle my subjects, but when I do it is to give some sense of scale or to relocate them from hazardous situations. Particularly with the larger insects, although they are not intentionally harmful in themselves, the sheer size of their anatomy means sharp claws and strong jaws have drawn blood on occasion as well….

External image
External image

(Click any image to be taken to its respective Flickr page for a fuller explanation.)