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ON THIS DAY in 2013, Clocks topped a BBC 6 Music listeners’ poll as the greatest song of the decade.

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Hi! Do you know any good angsty Sherlolly parent!lock fics? Thanks you very much

If anyone else has some favorite angsty parentlock fics, please feel free to add to this list.

A Note from Dad by his-little-troll (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD ff.net 2014

Abandoned by mizjoely (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2013

All We Have by writingwife83 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) SBBC AO3 2015

and still it moves by miabicicletta (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2014

Bad Dreams by OccasionallyCreative (Rated T, One-Shot) implied MCD AO3 2015

The Balancing Act by T. Z. Townshend (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2013

the breath that passed from you to me by rsadelle (Rated M, One-Shot) AO3 2012

Burning Hearts by VintageVillain (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post Reichenbach ff.net 2013

The Clock Is Ticking by TuesdayTerrible (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD AO3 2015

Days of Our Lives by Adi who is also Mou (Rated T, One-Shot) Swap!lock ff.net 2013

Every blue shade of green by miabicicletta (Rated T, One-Shot) AO3 2016

For What It’s Worth by kendrapendragon (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) pregnancy fic, SBBC AO3 2015

Harmless Fun by Potter-Street-Baker-Head (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) pregnancy fic ff.net 2014

It’s Never Twins by thewinterspy (Rated T, One-Shot) MCD(ish), Post HLV AO3 2017

Links of the Chain by broomclosetkink (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) post Reichenbach, pregnancy ff.net 2013

The Necessary Mother by darthsydious (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Victorian!lock ff.net 2015

ONE SMALL THREAD by McGregorgirl (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter), casefic, Post Reichenbach ff.net 2013

Sustain by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2011

Sustain II: Refrain by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2012

Sustain III: Obbligato by MaybeAmanda (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter)ff.net 2012

Truth Unspoken by mizjoely (Rated K+, One-Shot) Post Reichenbach AO3 2016

The Truth About Toby by ditsypersephone (Rated K+, One-Shot) tumblr 2015

Two by Aelen Greenleaf (Rated K+, Complete, Two-Parter) ff.net 2012

Vikings by OccasionallyCreative (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) The Switch AU ff.net 2014

Your Worst Fears by LadySolitaire83 (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) ff.net 2013

“Le chagrin amoureux peut transformer les gens en monstres de tristesse.”
“Heartache can transform people into monsters of sadness”

~Jack et la mécanique du cœur (2013)
~Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2013)

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