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This Day in 1D History - July 17


  • “Me and @zaynmalik are off for fish n chips for lunch!” (via Niall’s Twitter)
  • “My name is Harry and I’m going HOOOOOME!!” Harry does the Going Home Song on Nick’s show!!!




  • 1D’s Children in Need book is announced!
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Vancouver, Canada 
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                  Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean Watchpost

In the beginning (how they started skating, expects from their 2 first free dances)

1978/79: FD (Slaughter on 10th Avenue)

1979/80: CD (Kilian) OSP (Argentine Tango) FD (Sing Sing Sing)

1980/81: FD (Fame)

1981/82: CD (Viennese Waltz) OSP (Blues)  FD (Mick and Mabel)

1982/83: Jayne and Chris talk about their 1982/83 season OSP (Rock'n'Roll)  FD (Barnum)

1983/84: CDs (Paso Doble, Rumba, Westminster Waltz) OSP (Paso Doble) FD (Bolero) FD (Bolero)

1993/94: CD1 (Starlight Waltz) CD2 (Blues) OD (Rumba) FD (Let’s Face the Music and Dance, first version) FD (The Olympics version)

Exhibitions and professional performances:

Strictly Some Dancing 2013 Children in Need performance

so i made a masterpost like this once already but i didnt bother updating it all the time and some links werent working anymore so here im being a little shit and taking the time of re-doing this. (tbh i think starting over takes less time than fixing everything so). 

if you stumble upon a link that isn’t working, please let me know as well as when you want me to add a link to the list :)

if you wanna check out the original post it’s here x and the theme will be mostly the same & like in the previous masterpost all links lead to youtube videos except if stated otherwise. most is listed in chronological order

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This Day in 1D History - November 15


  • twitcam feat. Harry as a miserable twat


  • #truelove
  • Haroline have dinner with friends at St Martin’s Lane Hotel in London



  • Oprah hangs with boys at Jonathan Ross (via her Twitter)


  • the boys head into the studio to record Band Aid
  • Nick interviews Harry for the Breakfast Show