2013 celtics

did you know her then?

a long time ago
she was shining
now she is a wounded soul, an empty shell, burning in despair

there’s this boy, who is stuck in hell
with the devil and his haunted men
but she can’t do a thing
just scream in agony

I have to ask, did you see them?
I speak of the gates of heaven, my dear old friend.
No, not me either,
‘cause I had already fallen
she took me in

The world did end and all my strength, all my loving, my everything
I gave to a free and righteous man

I like to think that she wasn’t in pain
If you haven’t seen the world at her finest moment, you weren’t there
like I said, she was wonderful , just wonderful - shining

We could never dream of this brand new world
that would rise anew from the ashes
but, here we now are, my old friend
We are still here, still kicking, still fighting for our lives - for family, for love
I believe, that someday, she will smile again
Mother Gaia…

© 2013



An old poem I wrote back in the day, very heavily inspired by season five of the TV-show Supernatural. It’s in Castiel the Angel’s point of view… And is about how the earth suffered during the apocalypse… (That in reality never were).