2013 best dressed


So in both dress rehearsals the only couple that actually kiss are Monika and Vaidas, the lead singers, while the other couples high five each other omg!


BEST DRESSED 2013: Female: 

Girls Generation’s Tiffany Hwang. 

Miyoung has such wonderful style, it was difficult to even select her best outfits of 2013. With a richly feminine look, Tiffany never fails to make one smile. Her look is never pretentious or smug, instead it is simply beautiful and simply glamorous - she wears everything with an endearing honesty, as if it was made just for her. With a truly heart-warming wardrobe of Chanel, Comme des Garcons, Givenchy, Prada, Miu Miu and Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany’s style is put-together and girly but still business-like and practical. She also has a charming way of bringing whatever she is holding - be that a book, a bottle of water, a passport, a plane ticket, a phone, headphones, a wallet - into her ensemble seamlessly. Tiffany’s wonderful style is a thing all of its own, and a thing I look forward to seeing much more of in 2014. 


Harry is hands down the most stylish of out the boys, crowned in 2013 as the best dressed public figure in the UK. Some of his favourite picks include Saint Laurent (everything from glam rock heeled boots to fringe shirts), Burberry (for coats and jackets) and Sandro (boots and shirts). His easygoing style perfectly embodies the spirit of London. Throw together a fedora, a simple striped shirt or a comfy jumper paired with a statement coat while spotting a perfect pair of skinny jeans and chelsea boots and you’ll be making a step in the right direction.



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                            #5 Best Dressed Celeb of 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Heart Soul & Curve’s top 5 list of best dressed celebrities of the year. As much as we trend to have a love hate relationship with Kim K. I have always loved how Khloe’s personal style is quite, chic with a hint of classy and simplicity. She knows how to dress her body and isn’t afraid to stand out. She isn’t afraid to throw on a pair of Tims with distressed jeans or wear tribal print dress with 6 inch heels. 

Do you love or hate Khole’s fashion sense?


                                   #1 Best Dressed Celeb of 2013 

The crown goes to Beyoncé Knowles Carter. I knew I wanted to have her on this list but I wasn’t sure of what place to she would fall. At the end of the year when she wore Tom Ford head toe, I knew she had to be number 1. What I have always loved about Beyoncé’ style is she can go from straight off the runway high fashion to every day pieces that anyone can purchase at Top Shop or ASOS. It brings a humility to her style. 

Do you love or hate Beyoncé fashion sense?