2013 ashes

y’know what? I literally shed a tear just bcuz of this gif…..

I have so many thoughts about it…

like do you see how they perfectly fit to each other? physically even. isn’t it amazing? (I’m a lil short person so I can measure whether it’s comfortable to hug a person who’s taller than you and I can assure you that Namjoon has a prefect height for Jin. Jin can just put his chin on Namjoon’s shoulder and be comfortable with it, his neck won’t hurt (cuz would Namjoon be taller it would hurt af, I swear. At the same time Namjoon’s chin is soo suitable for Jin’s shoulder)

and then I realized how far they went, how now they are more opened to each other. Do you remember 2013? Their first hug? How Jin was all shy and stuff 

he still is shy to hug Namjoon and I find it really adorable and cute. 

Which means that Namjoon was probably the first one to open

Do you see it? Cuz I see it.

And coming back to this. Namjoon was the first one who pushed Jin closer to himself (I really love this pat on the back, like imagine the strength of Namjoon’s hand :o ) And he holds him really really close that I can’t but shed a tear…

Yes, I love them so much, so what? 

anonymous asked:

how did you think up the concept of artificial heart? i want to be able to write fiction as compelling as yours someday :o

(Artificial Heart

Ahhhh, heck

and uh, there’s a sorta interesting story to it, heh.

(Spoilers for the plot twist of Artificial Heart) but the main twist is actually a revamp of an old fanfiction I wrote back in the beginning of 2014 called From the Ashes!

In 2013 I got an anon ask that was like “fanfiction idea where Danny gets sick for no clear reason and it turns out he’s a faulty clone of Vlad’s that Vlad’s been using to replace Danny ever since he died.”

And that idea just destroyed me. I sat on it for a while until January 2014 when I got a chance to buckle down and write it. As far as my old fics goes, it’s one of the ones I’m proudest of.

So, mid-February 2017, my deadline comes for my story submission. I was toying with this vague idea of some woman who finds body parts in the dumpster outside her apartment, it’s the landlord killing people, she tries to hide it so no police involvement, yada yada…. but it didn’t have anything that really clicked with me. I was bored of it, so I scrapped it back to “finds body parts in the garbage”

Then I remembered From the Ashes.

It’d been 3 years since I’d written it, and I was STILL digging that plot line, so I thought “Why not revamp it? See what I can do with 3 more years of experience?”

And that’s Artificial Heart

I feel like Ashton deserves so much more appreciation than he gets?? He’s the one that always makes videos to tell the fans how much he loves us and to keep us up to date, he could probably keep a beat going while getting a leg cut off or something he’s such a good drummer, he’s so MUSCULAR, his hair is so luscious like can you imagine running your fingers through that shit?? and his smile is so contagious it’s basically sunshine, he has like 3324687 different laughs and every single one of them is so adorable, and I srsly could go on and on bc he’s just perfect. It’s not 2013 and he’s not 18 and baby cute with short hair anymore but he is still my sweet child and deserves more love than the world has to offer tbh

This year I will sleep more and cry more.
I will learn how to listen to my body,
How to feed her when she’s hungry
And not when she is bored, or lonely.
This year is about putting away apologies—
Shaking the old dust out of my bones,
Getting rid of people and places
That have stopped feeling like home.
This year is about the deep kind of soul searching
Reserved for brooding men in classic literature.
This year is for falling in love with all the ways
I am able to feel.
My world is vibrant and alive
And to numb myself would be to waste this body
To waste this breath.
Somewhere, billions of years ago,
A star died to put the marrow in my bones
And I ought to make good use of that.
I am the result of ten million factors all
Working against me ever coming into existence
And I am here anyway.
How could I forget that the same skin
That houses all my anxieties also holds
The same kind of rain that fills oceans?
I have a small lightning storm brewing
In the barrel of my ribs,
How could I forget that?
This year, I will be kind to my body,
Because she has always been kind to me.
Because she has entire orchestras beneath her fingernails,
And after so many years,
She deserves a good audience.
I am too young to feel so old.
This is the year I change that.
—  This Year, by Ashe Vernon

Guys, I just can’t! Like I drew this picture around 4 years ago (yikes) but after seeing that preview with the Ash, Misty and Pikachu relationship I just remembered how much fun I had drawing this when I first got a drawing tablet so I have to cut myself some slack; although, I’m still convinced i’m better coloring with felts and such and drawing on paper. This was more geared towards the first couple seasons when Ash was a little offended that Pikachu would choose Misty over him sometimes ahaha! Anyways please enjoy this art from mid 2013 XD 

Man, I forgot how to draw.

Anyway, this was inspired by a dream I had last night. There’s a war in the Pokémon world and Ash is believed dead by everyone–except Misty, who is convinced that he’s alive somewhere and determined to find him.

I didn’t find out if she was right in the dream because I woke up, but I decided that he is, held as a prisoner somewhere. That thing he’s holding is Misty’s handkerchief.



Species Name: Kandarian Demons
Classification: Demons/Demonic Possession
Bio: Originating from an unspecified dimension, the Deadites are summoned to Earth by reciting passages from an ancient text known as the Necronomicon. These demons operate as part of a collective hive mind. When they first come into our world they must possess the form of a living being. While they can operate individually, they are all part of the same Dark Force which seeks to ultimately spread itself and overtake the world of the living. 
Abilities: The possessed body inhabited by a Kandarian Demon will showcase enhanced strength as well as some ability of flight. They can withstand extreme damage and will keep coming until they are completely dismembered. Even then, there are cases where the demon has stayed inside the dismembered body or even reassembled itself. 
Characteristics: The Deadites are extremely malicious and delight in chaos, taking glee in both the physical and psychological torture of their victims. While they are all part of the same Force, the individual Deadite can tap into the memories of the body it possesses for a more focused psychological attack. 
Franchise: Evil Dead 
Appearances: Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead (2013), Ash vs. Evil Dead